PAX Doubles Sales at Leading Dispensary Through Brands by springbig Ca...

As the cannabis market becomes more diversified and competitive, many established brands are seeking out more effective ways to engage new and returning customers in this new retail landscape. Although consumers have come to embrace recent innovations within the cannabis industry, federal laws and advertising regulations have yet to catch up, meaning that cannabis advertising

Guide to Text Message Marketing Laws and Compliance for Cannabis Dispe...

Text message marketing via MMS or SMS messages is a powerful marketing tool for all businesses regardless of the industry. With a 98% open rate and with 90% of text messages being opened within three minutes of being sent, Text message marketing is the most effective way to communicate with and market to your customers.

survey customers
Survey Your Customers Through Our Integration With Budtender!

When it comes to running a business, it’s important that you understand your customers so that you’re able to cater to their exact needs. If you’re unable to understand your customers’ needs you could be investing shelf space and your marketing budget into the wrong products. Understanding your customers is especially important in the cannabis

customer loyalty program
5 Features Every Cannabis Retail Loyalty Program Needs

Did you know that studies have shown gaining a new customer is actually 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one? On top of being cheaper, improving customer retention rates by just 5% has been shown to be able to boost profits up to 95%. But how can you gain more repeat

Influencer marketing
How Local Influencer Marketing Can Take Dispensary Loyalty to the Next...

Unlike mainstream consumer industries, cannabis retailers must navigate a myriad of constantly evolving marketing regulations in order to engage with customers. These unique restrictions often bar companies from directly interacting with potential customers and make effective marketing strategies off-limits to most businesses. While mainstream retailers have fully embraced influencer marketing to sell everything from rugs

perfect timing
Perfect Timing: When Should You Send Your Dispensary Text Message Camp...

Text message marketing has become a staple of many dispensaries’ marketing strategies. With its 98% open rate and with 90% of messages being opened within the first 3 minutes of them being sent, if you aren’t utilizing text message marketing in your cannabis marketing strategy then you’re missing out. If you are a part of

brand - retailer collaboration
How One California Cannabis Brand Was Able to Generate 1,713% ROI Usin...

Existing state and federal regulations have made cannabis advertising and marketing unnecessarily cumbersome for consumer-facing cannabis companies. While mainstream brands are free to directly market their products to potential customers, cannabis companies are still barred from utilizing this essential line of communication to find new growth opportunities. springbig Brands aims to solve this critical pain

How Cannabis Retailers Have Successfully Adapted to the COVID-19 Lands...

As the pandemic continues to challenge established retail practices and consumer behaviors across the country, dispensaries have adapted exceptionally well to this new normal by strategically leveraging dispensary technology. While several mainstream industries are struggling to find safe ways to reopen and engage with their customers, cannabis retailers have found clever solutions to keep their

text message marketing
How dispensary text message marketing can boost your sales

At the risk of stating the obvious- the main purpose of marketing your dispensary is to have an increase in customer awareness and therefore a boost in sales. Other things, like connecting to the community, are an important part of cannabis marketing, but all of it matters most when it is contributing to the growth

common mistakes
Tips for Encouraging Dispensary Loyalty Program Enrollment

Essentials to an Attractive Dispensary Loyalty Program If you’re already running a dispensary loyalty and texting program for your cannabis business, you’re on the right track to increasing customer loyalty and spending, but it’s just the first step. Driving new and existing customers to enroll and actually participate is what really counts. Thankfully, there are

increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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