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oregon cannabis market breakdown

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Like its Pacific Northwest neighbor Washington, Oregon is a trailblazer in the world of legalized recreational cannabis. Despite some early challenges optimizing the licit market, the state seems back on track, recording all-time highs in the second quarter of 2021 even as pandemic restrictions relax. April 2021 sales topped $110 million, an astounding 77% increase from April 2019.

As with any state, regulation is geared toward promoting the legal market in order to maximize the state’s tax revenue. In Oregon, where the illicit market’s activity has slowed the growth of the legal market, lawmakers and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (which oversees the cannabis market) have worked to optimize regulation in favor of legal sellers, and the effects are finally observable.

Unlike other states, Oregon has historically been extremely liberal in its issuance of licenses. Until recently, essentially anyone intent on cultivating or dispensing cannabis could receive a license. The result was a surplus of weed, a dream for many, perhaps, but a problem for the success of legal cannabis businesses.

In 2019, the Oregon Senate passed legislation aimed at reducing the mass cultivation in an effort to steady the legal market, and the efforts have been mostly successful. As of 2021, the Oregon cannabis business is back on track, dispensing more legal weed to more customers than ever.

Oregon, like Washington and Colorado, demonstrates the viability of a mature cannabis market.

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Cannabis marketing in Oregon

With business booming and the trends pointed upwards, cannabis businesses must position themselves well within the crowded Oregon market, especially in the hub of Portland. However, as with any state cannabis market, restrictions exist.

Oregon’s advertising and marketing restrictions are relatively lax, as compared to other states, but cannabis companies still have to proceed cautiously with their marketing approach. The Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has a number of regulations targeted at cannabis advertising.

Per the OLCC Bulletin CE2017-03, cannabis advertising must adhere to the following rules, among others:

Cannabis advertisements cannot:

  1. Contain any false or misleading statements.
  2. Target or be especially appealing to minors.
  3. Imply the safety of cannabis products due to lab results.
  4. Suggest that marijuana has particular curative or therapeutic effects.
  5. Encourage the use of marijuana for its intoxicating effects.

This is not an exhaustive list, so any company in the cannabis industry should review all relevant regulations before engaging in cannabis marketing.

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Even with a relatively lax set of restrictions, the regulations in Oregon make having a traditional marketing approach, like public advertising and digital ads, risky. With the line between acceptable and unacceptable rather blurry, cannabis companies have to proceed with caution when advertising.

However, with such a crowded market and businesses already vying for a piece of the booming market, businesses cannot just sit back and hope for success. Fortunately, springbig offers a dynamic marketing solution.

Cannabis marketing with springbig

With springbig’s marketing suite, businesses can take a holistic approach to targeting and retaining their clientele, certifiably enhancing their chances of success in a crowded market, all while avoiding the stress of compliance.

Our 360 Solutions™ platform ensures you are compliant by staying on top of all relevant regulations, even as they change, just so you do not have to. Dispensary marketing can be stressful. We take the edge off.

Considering the aforementioned spike in per-visit spending across dispensaries, there is no better time to adopt springbig’s loyalty program, which rewards your customers with a point-per-dollar rewards program. Rather than other rewards programs which reward customers on a point-per-visit “punch card” basis, the springbig loyalty program incentivizes higher-paying visits and rewards high-spending customers. With rewards racked up and easily accessible in their digital rewards wallet, customers are inclined to return to your dispensary instead of the competition – and have been proven to do so.

With springbig’s marketing suite, expect results and a proven R.O.I. to help your business thrive.

To help show just how effective springbig can be, we took a look at Oregon-based dispensary Kaleafa to see just how effective springbig is. Take a look at the numbers below.

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