Social Equity Program

Empowering those impacted by Cannabis Prohibition

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providing exclusive opportunities to social
equity license holders with the leading text
marketing and loyalty software designed
exclusively for the cannabis industry

Cannabis = Culture

The Impact of Social Equity on the Cannabis Industry

the essential movement of Social equity in cannabis is meant to not only work toward healing the deeply rooted wounds of the War on Drugs but also to promote equitable opportunities and decrease disparities in the lives of those marginalized communities disproportionately impacted.

the springbig family believes that as leaders in cannabis marketing and CRM technology, we are gifted with the opportunity and responsibility to make innovation and education for social equity a fundamental part of our culture and our mission

the springbig social equity program is designed as a way to expand these opportunities to even more cannabis businesses

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Cannabis = Connection

as part of the social equity program, license holders are able to receive:


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25% off

Create your own loyalty experience that connects you with your highest-spending, most loyal customers

*first year

Free Messaging Credits

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60,000 credits

Leverage the leading cannabis marketing platform to connect with customers via text message and push notifications

*per month

Set-up Fee Discount

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Get off to a great start with a guided launch of your program, and we’ll help cover the costs

*discounted from $950

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let's build a better cannabis community together!


adding even more value to your cannabis retail marketing strategy by keeping your most loyal, highest-spending customers engaged with your exclusive content and rewards program

customizable loyalty program


with loyalty+ by springbig, you can customize your own loyalty rewards program based on a per-visit or per-spend structure that fits your business, add multiple tiers of exciting rewards, offer bonus points for unique behaviors and product preferences, and guide the customer journey by keeping your members engaged

loyalty rewards wallet


give your members access to an innovative mobile experiece with the digital loyalty rewards wallet to keep track of their points, update their profile, shop online, redeem rewards and offers, and so much more. wallet can be accessed via web app, native resource app, or a customized native app built by springbig

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Loyalty+ Packages Include

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gain new customers by giving your members the ability to refer their friends, fam and followers using a unique, trackable referral link built into the rewards wallet, with the ability to offer incentives for signing up and rewarding members who make referrals

feedback dashboard

find out what your most engaged members think! create survey campaigns that allow you to gain crucial customer insight into your products and cannabis retail experience, so you can adapt to the needs of your members and curate your inventory

analytics dashboard

this gives you access to datahub, our extended suite of analytics dashboards. get even deeper details on campaign performance, insights into your audiences, brand performance, and more to help make data-driven decisions on your marketing

Cannabis = Customization

free Customized Digital Rewards Wallet

curate a mobile loyalty experience unique to your dispensary’s branding, style, and voice to connect better with your highest-spending, most loyal members.

*included in loyalty+ package


free Customized Join Form

help new members enroll with our compliant and convenient join form, customized to fit your branding so they know what they’re signing up for.

*included in loyalty+ package

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Cannabis = Community

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free Budz customer referral program

the springbig family has worked hard to become the leader in cannabis marketing technology, with an innovative approach to text marketing and loyalty software built for the unique needs of cannabis retailers and brands

*included in loyalty+ package 


Cannabis = Coordination

free hands-on training from our industry experts

for the first 3 months of joining the springbig social equity program, license holders gain access to hands-on training with industry experts from the springbig family, in addition to a dedicated client success manager to guide them through setting marketing goals and learning the best ways to achieve those goals for their growing cannabis business


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Cannabis = Collective

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free social equity events

springbig will also be hosting and sponsoring social equity events geared toward engaging license holders and connecting them with a larger cannabis community, both independently and in collaboration with our incredible industry partners

Cannabis = Collaboration

exclusive access to webinar series

springbig retail partners also gain exclusive access to all of our webinar series featuring industry insights, platform updates and walkthroughs, as well as detailed discussions with partners and other industry thought-leaders

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Cannabis = Creativity

join form flyer

free customized marketing collateral

let springbig’s design team help you create a customized marketing poster to help promote your new loyalty rewards program, boost enrollments, and get customers engaged


Initial Savings

$2,650 off startup costs

+ the springbig social equity package provides continued value with:

  • Expert Training – $6,000
  • Webinar Series – $500
  • Community Events – $2,600
  • Marketing Collateral – $500

$12,250 immediate value over 1 year

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Ready to get Started?

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