The Leading Cannabis Marketing Platform

Increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty,
& create smarter cannabis marketing campaigns.

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Springbig Platform Features

Our suite of dispensary tools will put the power of a cannabis marketing agency at your fingertips

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Loyalty Rewards

Strengthen customer engagement to increase loyalty and purchase frequency

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Exclusive Offers

Increase brand awareness by sending rewards, offers & coupons directly to your customers’ phones

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Marketing Automation

Our Autoconnects™ feature allows your to automate your text marketing campaigns.

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CRM/ Communication

with our customer relationship management software. increasing customer engagements and conversion rates is easier than ever 

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Brands Co-marketing

A truly unique ecosystem developed to connect cannabis brands and retailers through our growing cannabis product advertising network 

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Budz Referral Platform

Built-in cannabis referral program. Leverage shareable, trackable referral links to spread the word and generate engagement through social media and other channels.