the leading cannabis marketing platform

increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty,
& create smarter cannabis marketing campaigns.

the leading cannabis marketing platform

think you need a digital marketing agency to get your cannabis business onto the phones and into the minds of your target audience?
Check out the features included in our cannabis marketing platform and think again!

our features

our suite of tools will put the power of a marketing agency at your fingertips


strengthen customer engagement to increase loyalty and purchase frequency

rewards & offers

increase brand awareness by sending rewards, offers & coupons directly to your customers’ phones

marketing automation

our autoconnects™ feature allows your to automate your text marketing campaigns.

crm / communication

with our customer relationship management software. increasing customer engagements and conversion ratesis easier than ever 

brands / budz

brands / budz were created to expand customer adoption and increase revenue

grow your dispensary

grow your dispensary

in addition to all of these features, springbig will also provide you with a fully fledged analytics dashboard to provide deep learning insights into your sales from all of your marketing channels so you can adjust your marketing strategy and tactics and boost margins on your best performing products by effectively marketing your cannabis brand or dispensary.

in 2021 cannabis companies shouldn't be in the dark on their campaign performance, leverage the power of deep data insights to boost sales and edge out the competition.

get started!

increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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