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springbig is no newcomer to loyalty marketing, our founders have over 20 years of experience in creating loyalty rewards programs for retail businesses. In fact, they were some of the original pioneers of retail loyalty marketing. CEO, Jeffrey Harris founded InteQ over 20 years ago, a company that took loyalty marketing from simple punch card programs in coffee shops to technologically advanced marketing tools at the forefront of some of the country’s biggest companies. Companies like Adidas, Reebok, and Citi Bank. After years of experience in big-box retail, our founders saw tremendous opportunity in the underserved cannabis industry and decided to bring advanced loyalty programs, an essential marketing tool in such a competitive industry, to cannabis dispensaries and brands.

meet the team


Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

CEO / Co-founder

Loyalty’s biggest fan, and can prove it! How? Still roots for the Jets and Knicks! Yup, you read that right. The Jets AND the Knicks! No one knows Loyalty like this guy!

Paul Sykes Headshot

Paul Sykes


A finance guy with a passion for building great companies through organic and inorganic growth. Across a career that started in the U.K. has accumulated many experiences and learnt many lessons along a long, winding road that has led to Florida. A life-long fan of real football (aka soccer) and loyal supporter of Leeds United since childhood!

Navin Anand


Engineer at heart, I enjoy managing engineering teams who solve challenging solutions and make your heart beat faster! At work primary focus is to question status quo, looking forward to working with the team to pivot to the next level of excellence and ensure our customers get the best! Outside work like reading books (in physical form – no kindle), love playing poker and spending time with family and friends!

sam harris

Sam Harris

CPO / Co-founder

Nerf sniper and air cannon gunner overseeing product and feature conceptualization and project prioritization.

nat shaul

Nat Shaul

VP of Marketing / Co-founder

An amazing woman. writes all her own lyrics. wants to be a golden retriever when she grows up. Thought it was “hide and go sleep” until age 23. 

Andrew Wei

VP of Engineering/ Co-founder

Please refer to google.com or stackexchange.com before asking any questions

Mikaela McLaughlin

Mikaela Mclaughlin

VP of Business Development

An “almost native” Floridian, Mikaela moved to Miami from NJ when she was 6. When she isn’t leveraging her marketing/ branding background to help dispensaries navigate loyalty you can catch her out adventuring with her two rescue pups. Her superpowers? Being able to make friends with anyone and getting the whole room on the dance floor.

levi colinas

Levi Colinas

VP of Client Success

Was slated to be the backup for Marshawn Lynch, but picked springbig instead. Loves football, but loves rewards programs more.

Claire bollettieri

Claire Bollettieri

VP of Revenue Operations

Yellow-haired female likes waffles and news. My hobbies: “jammin’ on my planner”

brett pogany

Brett Pogany

VP Data and Analytics

Retired to Florida from a career in investment banking in 2013, about 25 years too early. Proud to have been on the math team in high school, even though his kids love to tease him about it.

Thomas Shaw

Thomas Shaw

Director of Marketing

Thomas helps put the wind in springbig’s sails, by making sales. He has been a part of springbig’s journey into cannabis from the time the boat left the dock, and has played a decisive role in the scaling of our sales team. He could sell water to a fish! He also loves boating, if you can’t tell.”


alex lopez

Aleksander Lopez Yazikov

Director of SW Development

Also known as ‘sir codes a lot’ 🙂

bryan bugallo

Bryan Bugallo

Developer Team Lead

labels can’t define me.

graham hupert

Graham Hupert

Developer Team Lead

my future is so bright I need shades.

matt mccoy

Matt McCoy

Senior Ruby Rails Developer

When not behind a computer you can find me reading programming theory

Tiffany Negri

Director of Data Engineering

random_state = 42

Maria Vizcaino

Engineering Manager

When I am not writing and singing songs for my two cats I am learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby. Currently, into interior design. My family supports my curious addiction and my twin sister gifted me a sewing machine for Christmas. A clever move. I love the outdoors and have fallen in love with yoga. Hit me up for integration solutions.

client support

Natalie Rodriguez

Natalie Rodriguez

Senior Director of Operations

I sing like no one’s listening when no one’s listening and can answer your 90s sitcom trivia questions like no other..and if you have a question about your springbig account don’t worry I know the work around!!!

Gabby Marazzi

Gabby Marazzi

Director of Operations

Mother to the friendliest calico cat named Girlcat, excel aficionado, Voted as the office’s Sandwich Connoisseur (3x), intern success story turned full-time employee.

Hobbies include: formatting and importing customer lists.

Dominic Orsillo

Dominic Orsillo

Support Team Manager - West Coast

West Coast Native, being a die-hard Mariners fan has made me a point of authority on loyalty, #Truetotheblue. Go Hawks!

Rayana Salameh

Rayana Salameh

Customer Support Representative

Huge fan of creating art and my cat Theodore! Always accepting song recommendations and vice versa (serious inquiries only). Excited to grow with the Spingbig family!! 

client success management

Scott Uttenreither

Scott Uttenreither

Senior Director of Client Success

Ice Hockey fanatic | Married to a redhead | Co-creator of two boys | Won the 1986 duckpin bowler of the year award | Once played golf with Daniel Baldwin (the least known Baldwin brother) | Nice guy…just ask my mom!

Shamesia Parker

Shamesia Parker

Director of Enterprise Accounts

Trash Reality show fanatic/lover/guru! Born in Los Angeles but grew up braving snow blizzards in Indiana. IU Hoosier, Colts Pacers Fan. Weekends are spent at my 2nd job- taxi driver to 2 girls; future gymnast and astronaut. Dream of being BFFs w/ Andy Cohen.

Eric Brandon

Eric Brandon

Director of Enterprise Accounts

3x National Cheerleading Competition winner, favorite Powerpuff girl is buttercup, soul sister is Kelly Kapoor from The Office, can catch me binging ‘The Bachelor’ every night.

Girl Scout Gold Award Winner

Lauren Clausman

Lauren Clausman

Senior Manager of Retail Client Success

I once ate 13 hotdogs in one sitting. Bruce Springteen groupie, coffee lover, workout enthusiast, and of course…disco dancer. I love my career and this sb family!!!

Matt sharp

Matt Sharp

Senior Manager of Retail Client Success

A bully breed advocate, avid golfer always working on his swing, and a hustler on the poker table!

Jacob Lefkowtiz

Jacob Lefkowitz

Director of Client Success, Brands

2006 TIME Magazine Person of the Year. 2x Most Improved Little League Award Winner. Water connoisseur. Bad but enthusiastic dancer. Can recite every line from Angels in The Outfield.

Tom Cummings

Tom Cummings

Team Lead, Client Success

Loves songwriting, cinema, and client sucess! Tracks data and pawprints, thrives in the Pacific Northwest. I have 37 pieces of flair.

Jaxon Travis

Client Success Manager

A San Diego native with a passion and a strong proficiency for the cannabis industry. Jaxon excels at solving complex problems and at learning and utilizing new information quickly. Outside of work, Jaxon is an avid bicyclist and drone videographer who enjoys long road trips and being outside with nature. He is also a foodie who enjoys trying new and unique cuisine then attempting to cook the exotic dishes himself.

Jeremy Blasbalg (2)

Jeremy Blasbalg

Client Success Manager

Despite 30+ years in SoFla, Jeremy still has New England roots in place.  When he’s not hyping loyalty, he’s checking music and sports venues from around the country off his bucket list, and hopes to one day de-throne Gabby as the company’s Sandwich Connoisseur.

Gavyn Wild

Gavyn Wild

Team Lead, Retail Account Management

I have worked in the cannabis tech industry for about 3 years. My focus has been on brand amplification, increased customer retention, boosting revenue, and building customer loyalty. I love helping clients create smarter marketing campaigns with the goal of growing and scaling their business.

Michael Laird

Michael Laird

Client Success Manager

Cat dad with a background in merchandising, motivated by client success 

donna reynolds

Donna Reynold

Regional VP, Client Experience

Passion – travel, good food, and customers that push the limits!


onboarding and development

Sarah Bukantz

Sarah Bukantz

Director of Client Success Onboarding & Development

 We are all products of teachers, experiences, and really good music. Amateur astrologist, cannabis industry enthusiast, cat mom of two, and self proclaimed people person extraordinaire.

Yesi Hill

Director of Client Success Onboarding & Development

I am deeply passionate about our merchants’ success! As a skilled marketer with expertise in the media and hospitality industries, I was also an entrepreneur in the digital space, where I built world-class capabilities in customer onboarding. For me, it’s all about making sure that merchants have an amazing experience from the very beginning onward.

Nikolaos Sidiropoulos

Project Manager of Client Success Onboarding & Development

Hi! I am Niko! I have been at Springbig since August, 2020 working in the Boca Raton, FL Headquarters within the CS department. I enjoy going to the beach and Nescafe coffee.

rena desono

Rena Desono

Client Success Onboarding & Development

PNW gal. laughs out loud. loves to help clients reach new highs.

business development

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want to join our team? we are hiring!

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