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pos integrated

Never miss a beat when cultivating relationships with your dispensary’s customers. By integrating with your dispensary’s POS system springbig automatically collects all the data you need to build maintain great customer relationships.


Our suite of dispensary marketing tools can be fully automated triggered based on specific customer behaviors, increasing conversion rates. 

reporting and analytics

in-depth enterprise-level reporting on every aspect of your marketing efforts so you can make data-driven business decisions. 


CRM systems allow you to capture key data on your customers and provide valuable insights into your sales and marketing strategies.


Using a cannabis CRM will allow you to build relationships with your dispensary customers and patients resulting in increased retention, satisfaction, and basket size.

reward customers

Our merchants saw a 15-25% increase after implementing our industry-leading Cannabis CRM solution.

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ready to learn more?

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increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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