true digital advertising for cannabis brands

Tired of your cannabis marketing strategy being limited by restrictions on traditional PPC networks or being relegated to the back of a magazine? springbig’s cannabis brand advertising platform has over 30 million dispensary customers waiting to receive cannabis advertisements through SMS messages from their favorite cannabis brands



start conversations

advertise to the most engaged cannabis consumers in a way that doesn't feel like just an ad to them

increase awareness

create powerful impressions that lead to a significant increase in brand awareness across the market with repetition and investment

expand your impact

acquire countless VIP consumers with high lifetime value and a surplus of crucial consumer data

attribution data

for the first time in the cannabis industry access detailed reporting that gives your brand insight into essential campaign attribution metrics


These major cannabis brands ran co-marketing campaings with springbig retailers and loved the restults!


proven buyer intent

This isn’t your traditional digital marketing strategy for cannabis brands. You won’t be marketing your cannabis products to just any consumer, rather to consumers already enrolled in dispensary loyalty reward programs. These are the 20% consumers that make up 80% of dispensary sales. You couldn’t ask for a more targeted and ready-to-buy audience.

customers rejoicing at rewards
segmented customer personas
segment and target audiences

springbig’s cannabis marketing platform enables dispensaries to segment their subscriber list by lifestyle interest, product preferences, purchase behavior, and much more. The demographic targeting is already done for you!

give customers what they want

76% of customers say they would stay loyal to a brand that gave them personalized rewards. Now cannabis brands have the ability to deliver personalized and timely rewards directly to consumers with springbig’s intelligent and automated text message marketing platform.

give customers what they want
data analytics

Enterprise-level analytics dashboards are included with springbig’s cannabis brand advertising software so you can keep track of your KPIs and ensure you’re running the most effective advertising campaigns for your cannabis brand 

increase brand awareness and loyalty

springbig’s cannabis marketing platform has already generated high levels of customer loyalty across thousands of dispensaries. Now, we’re giving cannabis brands to develop the customer loyalty and brand awareness our dispensary clients have come to love

cannabis product info advertisement

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