Compliant Marketing for Regulated Industries

springbig is the only marketing platform designed specifically for businesses in highly regulated retail industries like tobacco, liquor, vape and more.

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About Us

springbig is the only marketing platform designed specifically for businesses in regulated industries. Our platform has all the features you need to comply with the CTIA’s SHAFT regulations as well as the standard TCPA and 10DLC requirements. With springbig, you can send high-quality targeted text campaigns with the content you want, and rest easy knowing compliance is being handled for you.


Custom Loyalty Programs

surprise and delight customers with exclusive rewards and discounts

Drive revenue by rewarding customers who spend the most at each purchase. Offer points for every dollar spent to build a more effective and sophisticated rewards model compared to a visit-based punch card program.
Using a point-per-dollar system encourages customer behavior that is most valuable to your business.

Give your customers their own digital wallets to keep track of their points and redeem rewards in-store or online. Customize the look and feel with your unique brand identity and give customers an omnichannel experience with our mobile and web apps.

Make your most loyal customers feel like VIPs by creating as many customizable tiers as needed. Define different levels - based on spending or visit frequency. Incentivize customers to level up by assigning special discounts and rewards to each tier.

Sync your loyalty program with your tech stack and point-of-sale system to collect valuable data and create an even more personalized experience for your customers. Attract and keep more customers with a sophisticated loyalty program tailored to their needs.


Data Driven Marketing

gain actionable insights from your sales and marketing data

Create custom audiences tailored to each customer persona in your member list. Segment customers based on a variety of behavioral parameters and anticipate their behavior by integrating data into every interaction.

Understand customer preferences and craft messages that resonate to deliver highly targeted marketing communications. By tailoring content to segmented audiences you can create a truly personalized experience that speaks to each customer's needs.

More than just A/B testing. Gain insights into what works and what doesn't by analyzing and comparing campaign performance in just a few clicks.

springbig normalizes and centralizes your sales and marketing data into integrated Tableau dashboards. The powerful BI visualization tools offered by Tableau combined with springbig's reporting tools create a single source of truth for you to monitor performance and make informed decisions.


Omnichannel Communications

send personalized messages and engage with customers across multiple channels

Text messages have the highest open rate of any marketing medium. Springbig has the highest delivery rates of any text marketing platform in the industry. Send high quality SMS and MMS messages without worrying about censorship.
We focus on compliance, so you can focus on conversion.

Rest assured that your advertisements will be in compliance with all SHAFT and TCPA regulations without sacrificing the quality and reach of your marketing campaigns.

Create stunning email templates with our intuitive drag and drop interface. Easily export lists from other systems and upload them to springbig so you never miss a beat.

Build trust and increase conversion with your customers by communicating with them in a timely, relevant manner

Add subscribers quickly and compliantly using website popups, text-to-join keywords, and custom QR codes that always include double opt-ins and age gates.


Why Choose Us

It’s hard to find a way to advertise your product when you’re bound by regulations, and you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Most text marketing platforms are either not compliant or they produce low-quality ads in an attempt to stay complaint without building real solutions

Springbig is the perfect solution for liquor, tobacco, and vape retailers that must comply with Carrier and FCC regulations but still want to produce high-quality ads. 

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