Enhancing the CBD Retail Experience with Springbig

The CBD industry is growing rapidly, with new retailers entering the market every day. As competition increases, providing a smooth customer experience becomes crucial. This is where Springbig, a leading SaaS technology platform, comes into

The Future of Alcohol Marketing with Springbig

The Future of Alcohol Marketing with Springbig In the complex regulated landscape of alcohol marketing, the ability to navigate legal difficulties while driving customer engagement and enhancing brand awareness is crucial for success. Springbig stands

4 States Voting on Cannabis Legalization in 2024

Over the past decade, several states have embraced both recreational and medical cannabis, significantly shifting the landscape of legal cannabis in the United States. This year, there is a major focus on four states who

Cannabis Declassification: What it means for you!
Cannabis Declassification: What It Means for You

The landscape of cannabis legislation has seen remarkable changes over the past few years, culminating in a historic decision: the declassification of cannabis from a Schedule 3 substance. This shift marks a significant milestone in

Navigating Florida's Recreational Marijuana Legalization
Navigating Florida’s Recreational Marijuana ...

The Sunshine State is on the brink of a historic vote that could reshape its economic landscape and transform the cannabis industry. With the upcoming marijuana legalization referendum, the prospect of recreational marijuana has ignited

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How 4/20 became the cannabis industry’s biggest day Many retail dispensaries lean on loyalty programs to get customers coming back after the banner day. By Andrew Adam Newman Source: Retail Brew April 19, 2024 Like

How Springbig Connects 33 Million Cannabis Consume...

How Springbig Connects 33 Million Cannabis Consumers To Retailers: Q/A with Founder Jeffrey Harris Written by Bethenny Carl In 2017, after more than thirty years of marketing, sales management, and client services and operations experience

The Road to 420: Building Hype Before the Big Day

Decoding 420: Origins and Impact in Cannabis Culture The date April 20th, commonly known as 420, holds a special place in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. But what exactly is the significance of this

The # 1 Way to Boost 4/20 Sales (And It’s Not Wh...

By Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger   Want to know the # 1 thing you can do to have great sales results on 4/20? TRAIN YOUR BUDTENDERS ON HOW TO SELL Or as I prefer to call

Unveiling the Power of Convertible Notes: A New Av...

Unveiling the Power of Convertible Notes: A New Avenue for Funding Innovation and Growth by BOJANA RISTIC  March 13, 2024  in Market News Convertible notes have emerged as a versatile financing tool for companies aiming to fuel