MG Magazine: SMS Marketing, Picking the Right Approach

“SMS marketing is vital for customer outreach in cannabis retail, and not just because other digital channels are off-limits,” Harris said. “SMS marketing isn’t simply the last alternative; it’s actually more effective than some of its more popular cousins. Text messages are opened within three minutes, while push notifications are often ignored or even muted

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Complete Guide to Text Message Marketing for Dispensaries

Text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is extremely powerful and has been rapidly growing in popularity in not only the cannabis industry but in other retail industries. Why? Well, that’s what we are here to answer today. What makes it so powerful? In short, text message marketing is so powerful because it can

Cannabis Marketing on LinkedIn

Think you’re doing everything you can for your cannabis marketing strategy? You might not be. Even if you’re tapping all of the popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as getting in on other digital advertising methods, you may still be missing one thing: LinkedIn.  Yes, cannabis marketing on LinkedIn is

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What Makes People Fall in Love With A Cannabis Brand?

Cannabis Brand Loyalty Recently I heard someone say that in Cannabis we do not yet have brand loyalty, we have strain affinity, product preference, even go-to cannabis retailers, but what about zealous loyalty to one brand? Think about it, we all know the “popular” brands in Cannabis, but is anyone truly making their way to

How to maximize 4/20 sales in 2021

The Most Important Day in Cannabis Retail 4/20 is arguably the most famous random day turned holiday in the United States in recent memory. Many people can’t even hear the number 4/20 without thinking of cannabis. It’s hard to find any other comparable popular holidays. Because of this, 4/20 has turned into one of the

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What makes a CRM right for the Cannabis Industry?

There are numerous sales and marketing tools In the cannabis industry that brands and retailers alike need to take advantage of. One of the most important ones being a dispensary CRM system with features built specifically for modern cannabis retailers as opposed to typical mainstream systems. CRM for Cannabis Dispensaries Before we dive into why

How to Run a Cannabis Loyalty Program In Canada

Customer retention is extremely important, especially considering the fact that as cannabis becomes more widely accepted and more dispensaries open their doors, there will be a lot more customers with a lot more choices and churn can pose a huge risk to achieving business goals in the cannabis industry. Making sure existing customers become loyal

Cannabis Loyalty Programs: Reward Your Regulars

Why Customer Loyalty Programs Work As cannabis prohibition continues to come to an end, new markets for cannabis businesses open every day. Medical marijuana dispensaries are going recreational, multi-state operators continue to expand, new brands are launching, and more potential customers are emerging. In this crowded space, dispensaries need a strong marketing strategy for both

Springbig Partner’s With Dispense: Streamlining Marketing and Ma...

We try to bring our clients the very best customer retention, loyalty, marketing, and compliance solutions in the cannabis industry. But, the solutions we don’t have, we try our hardest to provide through integrations and partnerships.  Enter Dispense, our newest partner and integration. Like we said we’ve got a whole tool-shed full of solutions built

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How to Make Your Dispensary Stand Out on Social Media

Cannabis Social Media Marketing As we get further into the 2000s, we can take a look at the world around us and compare it to the recesses of our memory. Needless to say, there are some stark differences, but if you were to ask anyone about one thing that stands out about today’s world, their

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