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the perfect cannabis referral program

step 1.


text and talk to your


customers about the


rules and rewards


for your unique


referral program

talking budz
talking budz and hash

step 2.

the customer shares their own unique, trackable referral link with their friends, family, and followers



step 3.

the new customer uses the referral link to easily enroll in your loyalty rewards and text marketing program

talking cannabis flower
talking budz 2



step 4.

start engaging with your new customer by sending them updates, rewards, and customized offers


benefits & features

customers referred by friends are 5x more likely to actually make a purchase

leverage your customers’ social media influence by giving them unique trackable links they can share anywhere

referred customers spend 13.2% more per purchase

completely customizable. you decide what incentives both the referrer and referee receive

83% of people trust businesses that were referred to them by a friend

granular reporting allows you to drill into your referral campaigns so you can decide how and when to offer rewards to maximize results

acquire new customers, engage them, keep them for a lifetime

did you know...
  • a referred customer’s 3-year value is $2,916
  • imagine acquiring 276 referred customers in 1 year. our average retailer did using budz
  • referred customers are 18% more loyal, spend 13.2% more, and have 16% higher CLTV
ready to learn more?

ready to learn more?

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increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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