Build Customer Loyalty at Your Dispensary

Loyalty programs increase customer acquisition and maximize revenue and customer loyalty among program members with reward points that can be redeemed for exclusive deals and discounts. Increase engagement from loyalty program members and optimize their experience both in-store and out using our full suite of tools to create a custom cannabis loyalty program at your dispensary

These types of loyalty programs do away with the outdated 'check-in' system. Instead of rewarding customers based on visit frequency, customers earn points for every dollar spent. Rewards programs that offer on a point for every dollar create an incentive for loyal consumers to spend as much money as possible at each of their purchases. program members to spend as much as they can on each purchase. As points accumulate, customer retention increases.
This type of dispensary loyalty program maximizes revenue instead of just focusing on how many times a customer visits.

Using customer data available in the springbig platform dispensaries can create multiple tiers in their loyalty program based on a variety of KPIs such as visit frequency average purchase size, or total spent.
Tiers encourage long-term customer loyalty and encourages repeat business as customers seek to take advantage of everything your loyalty program has to offer.

Seamless and easy bi-directional integration with any dispensary technology in the cannabis industry. Don't worry about handling two systems, keep track of all rewards, deals, discounts, and customer point balances within your POS!

Cannabis customers exchange their contact information such as their phone number so they can be notified of exclusive discounts and rewards offered by the program. Consumers often forget about loyalty programs shortly after enrolling, but with a text marketing engine you can keep your loyalty program at the top of their inbox.


Benefits of Dispensary Loyalty Programs

Analyze Consumer Spending Behavior

Cannabis loyalty programs can be a powerful tool for maximizing sales from customers. By analyzing the average order value and order frequency of enrolled customers, you can see if your loyalty club is having a positive effect on customer behavior. Increasing active engagement has never been easier.

Keep Customers Coming Back

A text-based loyalty program is an easy way to increase customers engagement and keep your customers coming back for more. With just a simple reminder of their points balance, you can entice them into making another retail purchase. Send targeted and personalized promotions based on a variety of automated workflows

Decrease Slippage and Fraud

A loyalty program that is both secure and fraud-proof, with an easy back end for the employees to use. Some features include rewards based on purchase volume, membership status verification, point audits and security measures like verified wallet address and two-factor authentication.

Features Designed with Cannabis Dispensaries in Mind

Don't get stuck with generic customer loyalty programs meant for traditional retail.

Dispensaries need their customer loyalty program to be perfectly adapted to their tech stack and local market.

dispensary loyalty software

fully customizable

Each dispensary is unique. Whether it's medical or recreational there is no one-size-fits-all formula for cannabis' loyalty programs. That's why our software allows dispensary owners to customize every aspect of the program to ensure it's as efficient and effective as possible.
Cannabis customers don't want cookie cutter loyalty rewards programs that offer the exact same incentives as the company down the street. Customers have no problem shopping around to find the specific product they want at the right price. Use springbig to analyze your sales and activity datea. to gain insights into the right marketing strategies for your loyalty program.

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cannabis rewards

digital wallet

The wallet is our customizable web and mobile app where the customer-facing side of your loyalty program lives. This is where customers can access their rewards points, and redeem offers. The wallet fully integrates with your cannabis e-commerce provider, allowing customers to order place orders directly from their wallet.

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dedicated message center

Make sure your customers never miss any of your marketing messages if they don't check their texts. With our digital rewards, they can see all the promotions you've sent them right in a dedicated message center through push and browser notifications

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Referral Programs

We all want to expand our business’ customer base, and turn those new customers into repeat customers. Leverage your existing relationships with loyal customers by offering loyalty points or discounts to members who refer their friends to your dispensary loyalty program and ensure they create a rewards account. Word-of-mouth marketing is highly effective for cannabis consumers and when the word is how amazing your loyalty program rewards are, brand loyalty will always increase.

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