text message marketing for dispensaries allows you to communicate directly with your customers and send them promotions and loyalty rewards points using intelligent and targeted SMS marketing messages.



Don’t send mass texts to your entire customer list hoping some of them will be interested. Our platform will automatically groups customers into segments based on their preferences and purchase behavior. This ensures you’re sending text messages that are targeted and don’t seem like spam.


Automate your dispensary marketing strategy with a cannabis text messaging service that take some stress off your marketing team and connect with customers at exactly the right time.

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stay compliant with the TCPA by using our e-signature app to facilitate proper ‘double opt-in’ procedure.

And our dispensary marketing text messages always contain ‘reply stop’ codes to allow customers to opt-out easily. 

performance reporting

total transparency on deliverability rates and textable member population shown right on your dashboard. We also utilize proprietary technology to filter out fake numbers, burner phones, and landlines to ensure your marketing dollars are being spent wisely. 



influence purchase behavior, incentivize your dispensary’s customers to buy more!

cannabis texting helps maintain constant contact with your dispensary customer base 


drive traffic to website, social media, review sites, and more

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ready to learn more?

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increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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