The target market for your dispensary’s marketing strategy may not be who you think they are. That’s right, cannabis target customers may not just be the everyday stoner.

In building a brand in the cannabis industry you might not be focusing your efforts on the right individuals, or you might be focusing too much on only one type of individual. Whatever the case, you could be losing out on valuable customers.

Too often cannabis dispensaries make the mistake of marketing a cannabis product to a broad group of “stoners,” but this leaves out a large majority of modern-day cannabis customers who are likely going to be the main profit drivers at your dispensary.

While we don’t want to forget about our beloved stoners, we also want to keep in mind that a majority of modern-day cannabis users likely do not fall into this category, and thus we must expand our marketing strategy to target more than just one customer segment.

In this article, we’ll be discussing a number of different customer segments that will be key for your business to recognize as part of your target audience if you want to optimize your marketing strategy. In this, we’ll be discussing new cannabis users, old-schoolers, medical users, professionals, and baby boomers.

In discussing each cannabis consumer that you should be focused on, we’ll be talking broadly about why the segment is important and how to appeal to each. In short, each segment is important, and appealing to each will require slightly different approaches.

To start, let’s talk about a customer segment that has been and will continue growing at unprecedented speeds: New cannabis users.

New Cannabis Users

Too often cannabis dispensaries and brands focus too much on people who they know already smoke and forget about those who could be potential customers, and your cannabis business could be one of these.

Cannabis is extremely new to many people in the U.S. as it was just recently illegal in all 50 states. Today, while it is not legal in every state, cannabis is on track to be fully legalized in the states sooner rather than later.

Even the UN’s perception of cannabis is changing. According to Cannabis Tech, the UN just recently passed a bill that called for the reclassification of cannabis from being a Schedule IV drug.

With legalization and acceptance comes interest and new customers. According to a poll by Gallup, only 12% of adults in the U.S. smoke marijuana. That means there is room for HUGE growth in the industry that this year is on track to do $15 billion in sales. That’s a 40% increase from just one year ago.

In appealing to the new customers that will undoubtedly continue pouring into cannabis industries, education and comfort will both be key. For this type of person, it will be extremely important to educate them about marijuana and break certain false stigmas attached to its consumption.

On top of this, ensuring that the process of buying it is secure and makes them feel safe is a must. Many new customers may still have the idea of a “drug deal” in their heads. Make sure they know how safe and comfortable buying cannabis is and will be at your dispensary.


The old-schooler who’s been using cannabis since before it was cool will always have a special place in the hearts of those looking to push their cannabis brand. These customers are reliable, consistent, and know what they want above all else.

Appealing to these customers will take a much different approach, and most importantly in this will be having a wide selection of products, being knowledgeable about your products, and having a selection of accessories as well.

These customers may enjoy flower over its many different variants, so keep that in mind when marketing to them as well.

Medical Users

Similar to new cannabis users, cannabis companies, especially those focused on recreational cannabis, often forget about medical customers when formulating your marketing strategy. These customers will also require an especially unique marketing strategy because unlike the recreational customers, these customers are coming to you looking for medical marijuana for relief from diagnosed ailments.

Appealing to these customers means not only educating them about the different effects of the products you cary, but also means you’ll want to know about the specific health benefits of the different products you cary. From pain relief to anxiety, being knowledgeable about the medical benefits will be extremely important when marketing to these customers.


The next customer you’ll be seeing frequently is the professional. That is, the hard working individual who uses cannabis recreationally for mental health reasons and to improve their overall well-being. Nearly 84% of cannabis users are employed full time according to this survey by Miner & Co. Studios, and with all their hard work, they need something to keep their mind and body right.

In appealing to these individuals, hitting on the mental health benefits and the benefits cannabis can bring to your overall well-being will be extremely important. With this, you’ll also want to dispel any negative stigmas they might associate with cannabis, especially those coming from their slightly more conservate colleagues at work.

Baby Boomers

The last customer segment you’ll want to make sure you don’t leave out are the Baby Boomers, which we are defining as those customers over the age of 56. Appealing to these older individuals might not seem like a worthwhile endeavor, but don’t think so fast.

In just 4 years, cannabis use grew by 75% among Americans aged 65 and older according to Reuters. With growing interest from these Baby Boomers, you won’t want to leave them out of your marketing plan.

Appealing to these individuals will require you to be both educated and make the process as comfortable as possible. They may be more prone to associating cannabis with false stigmas that have unfortunately been attached to cannabis over the years, and dispelling these stigmas is a must. With this, educating them on the benefits and effects of cannabis will also be important.

Target customer segments with springbig’s autoconnects

Once you’ve got the customers in your system, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing the most to ensure that you’re saying the right things to the right segments. While sending one message to all of your customers is great, sending messages to customers based on their perceived segment is even better.

With springbig’s cannabis marketing software you can do just that. Springbig’s autoconnects allow you to set up messages to be automatically sent to customers based on certain actions and traits such as age, interests, visits, and even total spend at your dispensary among many other things. This paired with our cannabis loyalty marketing software makes for a marketing strategy like no other!

All of this makes it much easier for you to effectively market to more than just one broad customer segment at your dispensary, which makes it much easier to optimize your marketing efforts and boost sales.

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