customized mobile app

for dispensaries who want to take their marketing communication and UX to the next level, we're offering an app developed uniquely for your dispensary! with this amazing new service provided by springbig, you get the white glove treatment from our amazing team of engineers and designers to help create your own dynamic mobile app

springbig dispensary rewards app

industry-leading marketing communications made easy on a mobile app

give your loyalty program and mobile messages the exposure they deserve while offering your most loyal customers an enhanced mobile communications experience.

provide an engaging customer experience with:

push notifications

personalized profiles

a dynamic messaging center

easy access to your online menu

full customizability

with your custom app, you can create a complete mobile app experience that looks and feel exclusive to your brand, including:

full control over your app's page within the app and google play stores

customize your app's icon, app preview media, managing reviews, search optimization and your app store analytics

your own branded colors & logos

apple app store page for app

rewards and offers

with your custom app, customers will be able to access offers and rewards easier than ever before. with a personalized multi-tiered loyalty system, customers are rewarded for visits and spending and can easily monitor their progress in the app. 

over on the offers page, give customers an organized snapshot of all their available offers, including anything from discounts on select products to extra rewards points for referrals through the budz referral program. moreover, customers can conveniently redeem their selected reward or offer at checkout right on the app, easier and smoother than ever.

online menu & e-commerce

with just a few taps, your customers can access your up-to-date online menu, conveniently integrated right into your custom app. 

when customers interact with the in-app menu, they are delivered to your site or e-commerce platform, boosting traffic and sales. mobile dispensary shopping made easier than ever before.

custom app menu
custom app messaging center

message center

with your custom app’s message center, access a unique approach to communicating with your customers. 

like SMS messaging but without the clutter, the message center allows you to send segmented groups of customers offers and other communications direct to their phones. message threads will display images uploaded to your stashboard and link to stashboard content, while preoptimized notifications are sent with your messages to encourage high open rates. 

resource logo

the free app designed to elevate your mobile marketing messages and loyalty program

resource app 2

the convenient and free mobile solution for all your dispensary's digital resources

don’t feel the need to have your own custom app? that’s no problem because we have a solution for you! the re:source app has all the basic features of the custom app without the ability to add your own unique touch.

when your members download the re:source app, they can easily search for your shop and log into their profile to see their points balance, explore your loyalty rewards, and access a history of marketing messages you’ve sent them.

the re:source app helps take your stashboards to a new level by sending push notifications to customers right from the app, while also helping to alleviate concerns around deliverability.

allow customers to easily access their account, view their loyalty rewards progress, refer friends to your dispensary, cash in on exclusive offers, and much more.

try out the free re:source app today!

choose the option that
works best for your brand:

whether you decide to go with our re:source app or your own customized app,
your customers will enjoy a great mobile experience!

re:source app


available now on the app store and google play

customized app

contact us
for pricing

app branded with re:source icon for home screen and throughout interface

standard digital wallet format with tiered loyalty available

allows customers to access all springbig loyalty programs they belong to

choose what to name your own searchable app

create your own unique icon for your app

completely customize the look and feel of your app

exclusively for your loyalty program

both options include:

message center with push notifications for your marketing campaigns

member profile configuration

supports our integrations with POS and e-commerce partners

resource custom phone

digital wallet for your customized loyalty rewards program

redemptions on offers and rewards

ability to drive traffic directly to your online menu

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