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integrated sms surveys

feedback by springbig allows you to seamlessly survey customers post-purchase, track & analyze feedback, then take action.

From initial online search to in-store purchase, easily track the entire customer experience.

You don’t have to make business decisions in a vacuum. Create personalized surveys and get answers from your customer base.

intuitive dashboard

Seamlessly understand the key factors that drive customer loyalty and deliver consistent experiences customers love.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience builds a foundation of loyalty and dramatically improves customer retention.

It’s proven that loyal customers shop more often, buy more, and are more likely to refer friends, and family.

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comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reports give you the tools to understand customer experience trends.

This allows you to drill down and understand specific operational, product, and promotional opportunities

By identifying key trends and levers in your customer feedback, you will drive life-time customer loyalty and increase retention.


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understand your customers

follow up with your customers after the sale to understand their entire experience

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improve service & products

collect customer feedback to easily identify service and product gaps

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increase sales performance

a satisfied customer is 14x more valuable compared to an unhappy customer

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