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Why do the biggest brands in CA like Kiva, Wyld, Cann, CannaCraft, and Indus all use springbig? The short answer: springbig has the first digital ad network dedicated to brands called Brands by springbig. But that’s not it. Springbig also has the marketing tools brands need to push their brand and stay compliant while doing it.

Running a business in the cannabis industry isn’t easy, as it comes with a slew of legal restrictions and regulations. From federal law, to state by state laws, the cannabis industry can feel at times like a game of dodgeball… if the balls were regulations that could land you in a lawsuit.

With these general laws and restrictions come other restrictions such as those on major social media platforms that largely bar cannabis from being advertised outright. With all these laws and restrictions, it can be easy for a cannabis dispensary or brand to settle for traditional cannabis marketing tactics that fail to produce worthwhile ROIs. In doing this, cannabis dispensaries and brands fail to make the most of their marketing strategy and moreover, their business.

But, it’s obviously not impossible to make it in the cannabis industry, seeing as there are cannabis brands and dispensaries that have reached huge success. But how did they do it? In short: Big business requires the right tools and the help of experts, especially in the cannabis industry, which is why some of the biggest cannabis brands in California like Kiva, Wyld, Cann, CannaCraft, and Indus all use springbig to help them effectively market their brand, avoid legal issues, and stay on top in an extremely competitive California cannabis market.

In this article, we’ll be talking about why these big California brands use springbig. We’ll discuss what makes springbig so effective in California and take a look at the numbers by looking at a case study where Brands by springbig proved that it’s capable of yielding other-worldly ROIs as high as 1,713% in California. But before we do this, let’s talk shortly about what Brands by springbig is just in case you’re new here.

What is Brands by springbig

Brands by springbig is a cannabis product marketing platform that allows you to tap into springbig’s clients’ customer bases, consisting of over 23,000,000 customers who have shown their intent to purchase cannabis products. Through this cannabis marketing software, you’ll be able to partner with springbig client dispensaries in exchange for the ability to market to their customer bases via text message marketing.

This cannabis marketing software has already shown its ability to drive sales and loyalty redemptions. In its soft launch, it was able to 1,713% ROI for our client dispensary Elevate Lompoc (which we’ll discuss below) when they partnered with the cannabis brand Lime. Since this, Brands has made big waves in the cannabis industry and has even been featured in Forbes.

Cannabis product marketing has never been easier. With access to such a large base of customers and ways to target your marketing campaigns based on customer segmentation, Brands by springbig is ready and able to help your brand or dispensary reach its goals.

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s answer the initial question, “Why are the biggest brands in CA using springbig?” The short answer: It’s all in the numbers. To begin, let’s take a look at California specifically as the biggest site for cannabis sales in the world.


Success in the California cannabis market can prove to be difficult as, despite its already tremendous size, it continues to grow. According to LA Times, California is the biggest legal marijuana market in the world.

According to BDS Analytics in 2019 California’s cannabis sales were just shy of $3 Billion and the market itself grew 18%. That’s right, $3 Billion. In 2020, the story is no different and poses to put up even bigger numbers despite COVID. According to Statisa, the industry has held strong despite the COVID-19 pandemic and has even continued to climb. In January of 2020, cannabis sales in CA reached $282 million for the month, increased to $320 million in March, and held steady through May where they said around the same mark ending the month with $319 million in sales.

Besides sales, the legal side of the industry is also looking to make big progress as well. According to LA Times, a new cannabis bill moving through the legislature would allow for the addition of 2,200 new cannabis stores throughout the state, which would no doubt help sales skyrocket, and with that increase competition.

With huge sales, and the possibility of even more competition than there already is, it’s no wonder brands and cannabis dispensaries alike are looking for ways to stand out to customers in California; and many of the biggest Brands in California have chosen like Kiva, Wyld, Cann, CannaCraft, and Indus have chosen springbig to help them do this. Why? We’ll let the numbers answer that question. Let’s talk about a case study we did with the California-based dispensary Elevate Lompoc as they tried out our newest advertising platform Brands by springbig.

Elevate Lompoc x Brand by springbig case study

In its soft launch with one of our client dispensaries, Elevate Lompoc, a California-based dispensary, partnered with Lime to promote their flower products with Brands by springbig. In just 24 hours, both Elevate Lompoc and Lime experienced a stunning spike in sales from customers who received sponsored ads.

springbig’s case study revealed that customers who received Lime’s sponsored ads spent $3,990 on products whereas customers who did not receive any sponsored messages only spent $694, meaning ad recipients spent over 82% more on Lime products in total.

To further underscore the efficacy of this cannabis brand advertising software, Elevate Lompoc was still able to increase its sales of Lime products by 15% despite reporting a 25% decrease in customer traffic on the day of the case study.

Ultimately, the marketing campaign through springbig Brands generated unprecedented ROI for Lime. The brand only spent around $232 to generate $3,990 in revenue, which translates to a campaign ROI of 1,713%.

Other ways springbig can help brands

So, there’s no question that Brands has proved its effectiveness, but we aren’t done there. Brands by springing aren’t the only way Brands can utilize sprinbig’s platform.

Like we said above, while we generally focus on cannabis dispensaries in our articles, Brands can also take advantage of the rest of springbig’s offerings including our loyalty platform. In this, having a sleek user-friendly interface for your loyalty program and utilizing QR codes on products and join links on social media platforms among other things will all be crucial. Luckily, springbig has all of that and more for your cannabis brand.

Want to learn more about how your brand can utilize springbig? Check out this article here!


While we often focus on cannabis dispensaries in our articles here at springbig, we don’t want brands to think that we’ve forgotten about them. Springbig is a platform that can help not only cannabis dispensaries but anyone in the cannabis industry. Whether you’re a brand, a dispensary, or anything in between, we want to help you grow and meet your business goals. And clearly, from the case studies, we’re more than capable of doing that.

Interested in learning more about Brands by springbig? Click here. Want to learn more about spring in general? Click here!

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