Points Milestone Autoconnect
Easy Marketing Automation: Points Milestone Autoco...

In today’s overly competitive market where effective customer engagement is paramount, businesses are finding innovative ways to reward loyal customers and elevate the customer experience. The latest addition to the customer engagement strategy toolbox is

Send an automated messages to your members reminding them to add their birthday into their profile with the Birthday Add Autoconnect!
Easy Marketing Automation: Birthday Add

Automatically remind your members to update their profiles with their birthdays using Birthday Add Autoconnect! Ensure no special day is missed by sending timely automated messages.

Send an automated message to your members reminding them to add their email into their profile with the email add autoconnect!
Easy Marketing Automation: Email Add

Elevate your customer engagement with Email Add, your essential tool for crafting impactful, data-driven email marketing campaigns. Enhance communication, nurture relationships, and drive success by optimizing each tailored message for your audience.

Best Tips and Tricks to timing your sms campaign
Best Tips and Tricks to timing your SMS Campaigns

Elevate your dispensary's SMS marketing with strategic timing tips from Springbig. Enhance engagement, compliance, and revenue through our proven, targeted messaging strategies tailored for the cannabis industry.

How to Leverage Springbig for Regulated Industries
How to Leverage Springbig for Regulated Industries

Springbig streamlines digital marketing in regulated sectors. Integrate email, SMS, and loyalty seamlessly. Utilize advanced tools to navigate regulations and boost engagement, making Springbig your ultimate digital marketing partner.

Springbig Stashboard displaying an Easy Marketing Automation. By Join Date Autoconnect
Easy Marketing Automations: By Join Date

Discover Springbig's By Join Date Autoconnect: a tool that boosts customer engagement, celebrates milestones, and provides data-driven rewards for optimal loyalty and retention.

After Visit stashboard message with an iPhone
Easy Marketing Automation: After Visit

Discover Springbig's After Visit Autoconnect: turning visits into lasting connections. Boost loyalty, make informed decisions, and streamline processes. Elevate every customer interaction.

Image of CBD for springbig blog title mastering cbd marketing: navigating legal, ethical and industry guidelines for success
Mastering CBD Marketing: Navigating Legal, Ethical...

Dive into Springbig's comprehensive guide on mastering CBD marketing. Navigate complex legal, ethical, and industry standards effectively to drive successful campaigns in the ever-evolving CBD market.

Win back autoconnect stashboard image, "Stop in today"
Easy Marketing Automation – Win Back Autocon...

Unlock growth with Easy Marketing Automation's Win Back. Reconnect with inactive customers through personalized communication and incentives, rekindling relationships for enhanced customer loyalty and business success.

market cannabis brand
5 Ways SMS Marketing Can Help Your Cannabis Dispen...

What are the Benefits of Dispensary SMS Marketing? Text message marketing is extremely powerful and has been rapidly growing in popularity in not only the cannabis industry but in other retail industries. Why? Well, that’s