How to maximize 4/20 sales in 2021

The Most Important Day in Cannabis Retail 4/20 is arguably the most famous random day turned holiday in the United States in recent memory. Many people can’t even hear the number 4/20 without thinking of cannabis. It’s hard to find any other comparable popular holidays. Because of this, 4/20 has turned into one of the

holiday dispensary marketing
Cannabis Dispensary Marketing For the 2020 Holiday Season

Christmas trees are already up and there’s still a month left till Christmas, which means the holiday season is right around the corner. If you’re a cannabis dispensary and you want to make the most of it then paying attention to previous trends, adapting to COVID, and leaning on your loyalty members will all be

How to Boost Dispensary Sales This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, give your customers what they want and help them smoke more than just their turkeys. Holidays are huge days for sales in the cannabis industry, and Thanksgiving time is no different. Like we said, the holidays are crucial times for cannabis dispensaries to boost revenues and make their sales numbers before years end.

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How to boost sales and scare the competition on Halloween

For many, Halloween is a time to play Halloween songs and let your children eat as much candy as they can stomach in one night. But who ever said that kids are the only ones who can get in on the fun? As a cannabis dispensary or a cannabis brand, you should be looking to

7/10 Dab Day
Celebrate 7/10 with springbig

Almost everyone, whether they use cannabis products or not, knows about the famous day dedicated to cannabis: April 20th (4/20). But have you heard of 7/10? That’s right, another day dedicated to cannabis, but this time specifically dedicated to cannabis concentrates. These have many different names including oil, shatter, crumble, honeycomb, and budder. But before

holiday dispensary marketing
Cannabis Retail Guide for the Holiday Season

Brace yourselves, winter is coming. No, the White Walkers were last year, but what’s actually coming could be a close second to the brutal cold fronts, and just as inevitable: holiday shoppers *shiver*. Though only slightly less dangerous, the chaos holiday shopping brings is on par with how the Walkers roll into town, both in-store

How to Scare Up Some Halloween Sales for Your Dispensary

Finally, the spooky season is upon us! October is here, and we are collectively counting down the days until we can hit the streets in our ridiculous cannabis costumes for Halloween house parties. The pumpkins are carved, the creepy cobwebs are up, and something weeded this way comes! While the kids are out collecting treats,

labor day
4 Marketing Strategies for Your Dispensary This Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is here and while it may not seem like it would be such a big deal for cannabis consumers, the statistics say otherwise. Labor Day weekend is the third biggest cannabis sales period after 4/20 and July 4th, and in some states, it even exceeds July 4th. In fact, recent research by

How to Win on “Dab Day”: A Recap on 7/10 Sales

710-holiday szn Everyone familiar with the marijuana industry, recreationally or fiscally, knows April 20th (also known as 4/20) as the unofficial official day celebrating the use of the plant. Retailers everywhere stock up their inventory to prepare for this ‘holiday’, and for good reason: visits, purchases, and sales all skyrocket. Not a bad day for

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Doobies for Dads: How to Use Cannabis Text Marketing for Father’s Da...

give customers a far-out father’s day Some old guy from your dad’s vinyl collection once sang “the times they are a’changin,” and when it comes to cannabis, they couldn’t be more right! With the legalization movement reshaping the way society treats cannabis consumers, your pops might finally be able to enjoy some of that Jazz

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