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How dispensaries can prepare for national dab day on 7/10

10 Tips for Maximizing your Dispensary’s Performance on 7/10.

In this blog post you’ll learn the 10 best tips on how to maximize your upcoming ‘dab day’ as well as secure an accurate product catalog of concentrates and retain more customers for your marijuana dispensary, during a stoner holiday like a day just for dabbing have seen rising popularity since cannabis legalization occurred. So let’s jump into it and talk about all things cannabis oils, extract, concentrate, extracts, and all things dabbing!

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First, what is national dab day?


On July 10th, also known as ‘International Dab Day’, cannabis users celebrate the category of cannabis that has come to be known colloquially as a ‘dab’. A ‘dab’ is a highly concentrated form of cannabis distillate. Concentrates are created through a production process that removes most impurities from the plant matter through a high heat and pressure leaving behind the active cannabinoids. Distilling and concetrating the active compounds can produce a wide array of unique products such as; live resin, hash oil, CBD oil, shatter and many more. The extraction proccess allows you to produce significantly more potent end products with THC levels often exceeding 85%. This is why people dab are not usually medical marijuana patients looking only for an ailment, most people who dab are cannabis enthusiasts.

The origin of 7/10 and modern cannabis culture

So how did 7/10 come to be? The origins of 7/10 day remained quite ominous until the LA Weekly promoted an article titled ‘710 is the new 420’ in mid 2013. Now, it is one of the most celebrated cannabis holiday’s of the year following closely behind 4/20. The number 710 turned upside down also spells oil.


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Why 7/10 is such an important sales day for cannabis concentrates.

No matter what your method of consumption is, there’s no doubt that the concentrate category is essential to the cannabis retail ecosystem. With concentrates seeing on average a 40% increase in popularity on 7/10.

The 7/10 holiday ranks as the 49th highest most popular of the year. It is important to understand that as cannabis consumers mature, this category could see exponential growth in the coming years. Taking advantage of 7/10 to attract new consumers to this product category can help expand your product catalog significantly.

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Don’t forget the accessories!

Ancillary to distillates are the accessories that power the. The consumption method is different compared to simply lighting a joint and smoking. The name of the holiday is associated with its most popular consumption method, a dab rig. This consists of a bong-type device with an e nail that is heated to a high temperature with a butane torch and the concentrate is placed on the heated surface. The alternative is an electric vape pens which is more user-friendly and easy to consume for a small amount. Vape pens as a consumption method increased on average 32% on July 10th 2021.

  • Make sure you have plenty of accessories like high-margin batteries on hand.
  • Combining these products into a package deal can elevate your cannabis holiday into a very profitable day.

For instance, a new live resin combined with a new dab rig as a package can create residual ‘dab’ users and simultaneously move two products at once, concentrates and accessories.

What if cannabis concentrate is not popular my local cannabis community?

If cannabis concentrates are not currently prevalent in your market, there are ways to introduce them to your customer base that is consuming cannabis in other forms.

Nurturing your cannabis community through education and creating a cannabis culture that a cannabis enthusiast in their early days into a cannabis connoisseur. Driving cannabis oil products to relevant flower smokers can provide similar effects, without the carcinogens. Placing a healthier method of consuming cannabis without combustion is one way to frame the conversation of a regular flower user to transition to exploring other non-combustible product categories, such as consuming cannabis oil products.

Preparing for National ‘Dab Day’

To celebrate national dab day, many cannabis enthusiasts choose to enjoy their favorite cannabis concentrates. However, with so many products on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are the best. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you optimize your product catalog for dab day.


Finally, don’t forget to offer discounts, loyalty points, and other incentives to encourage customers to try your products and engage with your loyalty program. Pay attention to what your competition is promoting and counteract it by selecting a different promotional catalog of products or amplifying your in-store consumer shopping experience with an event! By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your dispensary is prepared for the distillate day. Now let’s learn how to make the most of the 24-hour period.


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How to Make Your Concentrates Stand Out on Dab Day

If you’re looking to participate in distillate day, be sure to optimize your product catalog for the occasion. Distillates are typically sold in small quantities, however, according to our data, basket size increases on this day as consumers tend to stock up on their favorite products, so be sure to reflect that inventory with your  fastest-moving products.

In addition, be sure to educate your staff on the proper way to handle and sell distillates. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your customers have a safe and enjoyable distillate day experience.

Offering happy hours or bonus ‘loyalty point’ flash deals, during the slower hours of the 7/10 shopping day, can entice new and existing customers to shop with you and maximize your sales time.

Maybe a high THC flower shopper could be interested in trying a medium potency 510 distillate cartridge if there was a discount or loyalty incentive encouraging them to expand their cannabis consumption categories.

How to Know Exactly What Products Customers Want

Get to know your customers, personally and digitally. In-store your budtenders can inquisitively guide consumers to find out what they like, and what they don’t like and ask what are their cannabis-consuming interests?

Another approach to understanding your consumers is to enroll them into a loyalty program like springbig and then assess their purchase behavior, through our 30+ POS & E-Commerce integrations this is effortless.

You can see what brands, categories, and specific products your recreational marijuana consumers are enjoying from our dashboard and tailor targeted SMS campaigns with any promotions or alerts directly to the phones of your consumers. Find your best selling cannabis extracts and draft campaigns supported by your data. By promoting the cannabis products your consumers already enjoy you can objectively draw them back into the store to become repeat customers and prevent them from shopping for a concentrate elsewhere.

Provide excellent customer service

In the cannabis industry, like many other retail industries, excellent customer service is critical. After all, consumers are the lifeblood of any sustainable revenue model. Without them returning with a positive in-store and digital experience, there would be no recurring revenue and dwindling profit margins. So, how can you ensure that you’re providing excellent customer service and retaining as many as possible? Let’s ask ourselves a few questions and figure it out.

Be Attentive and Responsive to Their Needs

First, being attentive and responsive to their cannabis needs and customer expectation is vital.

Do you truly understand the demand from your local marijuana consumers? Have you created an experience that stands out from your competition? Consumer expectations are rising in general and as a cannabis retailer, you have even more of a burden as consumers mature in this emerging market. Are you meeting their expectations?

Go Above and Beyond Their Expectations

Anyone who’s ever worked in customer service knows that it can be a tough and thankless job. You’re often dealing with upset or angry people, and it’s your job to try to diffuse the situation and provide a solution. This can be challenging, but it’s also important work in order to retain your customers.

After all, when customers are happy, they’re more likely to come back and continue shopping with you. Word of mouth referrals with their friends and family about their positive experiences can result in exponential growth.

On the other hand, if they’re unhappy, statistics suggest they will never shop with you again, even worse is that they are likely to bad-mouth your dispensary to their cannabis-consuming friend group.

In today’s competitive marketplace, dispensaries need to provide excellent customer service, digitally and physically, in order to thrive. This means being attentive and responsive to customer needs, and always striving to exceed their expectations. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your business provides the best possible experience for its customers.

Third, always be professional and courteous. People want to be able to predict their experience and have it reoccur, whether you’re in a dispensary or a restaurant, consistency is key, so monitor your feedback and ensure you are staying on top of any negative feedback while highlighting all the positivity surrounding your dispensary.

By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to providing the best possible customer service. And that’s sure to pay off in the long run in terms of retaining customers.

Offer incentives, such as loyalty programs or targeted discounts

One of the best ways to keep new and existing customers coming back is incentivization programs. Giving consumers rational reasons to return will help you dominate your cannabis market.

Loyalty and targeted marketing are nothing new to retail, but having them included in your dispensary tech stack can differentiate your cannabis offering from other competitors, who are lagging to understand the value these systems can provide.

Both the retailer and the consumer can benefit from enrolling in a program like springbig. The consumer can receive points toward discounts and redemption products. While the retailer can gain a direct channel of communication and analytics to understand which categories, brands, and products their customers are frequently purchasing. Retailers can then leverage this data to target and tailor curated campaigns that are most relevant to their consumer audience.

By segmenting and slicing your database you can communicate, digitally with personalization, to small groups of your cannabis-consuming loyalty program and send specialized campaigns instead of the old discount blasts to your entire list.

Regular communication with your consumers

As a dispensary owner, it is important to regularly communicate with your customers. This can help to build rapport and ensure that they are happy with your cannabis product catalog.

With springbig there are a number of ways to communicate with customers, including targeted SMS, newsletter emails, feedback forms, and native apps. It is important to find the method that works best for your business and your customer base.

For example, if you have a large number of skeptical customers to SMS who are reluctant to give out their phone numbers, email may be the best option.

Or if you want to get immediate feedback from people enrolled in your loyalty program with a phone number, an SMS offer for a review may be more effective. No matter what method you choose, regular communication with your customers is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship. With springbig, you have the tools to analyze this so be sure to A/B test your marketing mediums to see which is most effective.

Slicing and dicing your database can help you understand what kind of breakdown of consumers are attracted to your marijuana store. By leveraging springbig you can understand who your best shoppers are, by spending total over time, as well as who your in-frequent customers are, to target. By rewarding your VIPS and targeting discounts to your entry-level spenders you can create lasting revenue at both ends of the shopping spectrum.

Measuring Customer Lifetime Value

As a dispensary owner, it’s important to understand customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV is a metric that estimates the total value of a customer over the course of their relationship with your dispensary. This includes future revenue from repeat purchases, as well as the value of referrals and customer loyalty.

While CLV can be difficult to calculate, it’s worth the effort because it can help you make important decisions about cannabis marketing, product selection, and other areas of your cannabis operation such as product alerts.

For example, if you know that the average CLV for your customers is $1,000, you can be more selective about where you spend your marketing dollars to acquire new customers.

You may also want to consider developing new products or ancillary products of your own (or white label them) that appeal to your high-value customers. By understanding CLV, you can make smarter decisions about how to grow your cannabis business.

Show Customers You Appreciate Them

Cannabis consumers are a mixed bag of shoppers. Some are looking for a quick pit stop to pick up their product hastily, while others would like an experience that guides them to education or a product referral. Providing both avenues for click & collect and knowledgeable budtenders is essential to cater to multiple audiences.

An after-visit ‘thank you’ or SMS birthday message appropriately distributed can create a sense of a cannabis community and invite your consumers into a ‘cannabis culture club’ instead of just another dispensary shopping experience. Use your budtenders to extend your customer service physically and the digital tools available to expand your digital presence beyond your four walls today!

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