Points Milestone Autoconnect
Easy Marketing Automation: Points Milestone Autoco...

In today’s overly competitive market where effective customer engagement is paramount, businesses are finding innovative ways to reward loyal customers and elevate the customer experience. The latest addition to the customer engagement strategy toolbox is

Halloween Marketing Tips: your guide to spellbinding halloween marketing tips and ticks!
Boo-st Your Brand: Halloween Marketing Tips

Unlock eerie Halloween marketing secrets! Engage and enchant your customers with our comprehensive guide to creating spellbinding promotions, campaigns, and events that boost revenue during the haunting season.

How to offset marketing cost with tools by Springbig
Offsetting Marketing Expenditures: The Springbig A...

Boost revenue and offset costs with Springbig. Harness referrals, subscriptions, and brand sponsorships for a comprehensive business growth strategy.

It's a Budz Story with an iPhone showing the refer a friend screen on the Springbig platform.
It’s a Budz Story: The Power and Importance of R...

Explore the role of referral programs in the cannabis sector. Understand how they cultivate trust and community. See how Budz by Springbig pioneers with specialized referral approaches.

Image of CBD for springbig blog title mastering cbd marketing: navigating legal, ethical and industry guidelines for success
Mastering CBD Marketing: Navigating Legal, Ethical...

Dive into Springbig's comprehensive guide on mastering CBD marketing. Navigate complex legal, ethical, and industry standards effectively to drive successful campaigns in the ever-evolving CBD market.

CBD Marketing Featured Graphic
Optimizing Your CBD Marketing Strategy

The Latest CBD Industry Trends Many times, it seems like THC product marketing campaigns write themselves. Upbeat weekend and holiday promotions put customers in the mood to celebrate with their favorite strain. But don’t discount

CBD oil
Innovative CBD marketing strategies for 2022

Before diving into CBD marketing, let’s explore a little bit about what CBD is and then how we can effectively set up targeted CBD marketing campaigns and ensure your marketing budget is getting the attention