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‘Tis the Season to Tout Your Cannabis Rewards Program

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s a great time to nurture customer loyalty with your cannabis rewards program. Celebrate the festive season with various exciting incentives, including discounts, two-for-ones, and mystery gifts. Tailor your rewards to your repeat customers, and entice them with new products.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a little more Christmas greenery (and we don’t mean mistletoe)?

Small Business Sales Expected to Increase This Year

According to the Groupon website, small businesses are poised to generate almost 40% of total holiday retail sales by the end of 2022. That’s good news for small cannabis retailers that rely on local regulars. But cannabis consumers continue to reel from the effects of an unstable economy, making them extra value-conscious.

So, it’s more essential than ever to cut your cannabis customers a deal. Goodwill generates more loyalty – and more sales for you.

What Does This Mean For Cannabis Sales?

According to Cannabis Life Network, in 2021, last-minute sales on Christmas Eve generated over $63 million. So you might want to prepare for an onslaught of impulse shoppers at your dispensary this year.

How about enticing them with a CHRISTMASEVE discount code?

The Cannabis Industry is Growing

New dispensaries are sprouting up all the time, and that means more competition. But cannabis customers desire a stress-free shopping experience with a dispensary they trust, and with the right customer relations strategy, that could be you.

Leverage the holiday season to attract a new crop of customers, and engage the ones you already have. You can start by making sure your inventory is in line with customer expectations.

2022 Cannabis Holiday Sales Trends

What should you stock your shelves with this holiday season? If you’re in the Northeastern U.S., flowers, edibles, and concentrates are predicted to dominate the market, while according to the Canadian magazine Cannabis Retailer, those up north continue to favor topicals.

Edibles sales continue to rise. According to Statista, a market and consumer data company, the U.S. edibles market reached over $3.5 billion USD in 2021. Sales are expected to top $8 billion by 2025. Consumers can’t get enough of CBD-infused carbonated drinks, tropical-flavored THC gummies, and artisanal cannabis chocolate bars.

Pre-rolls are another flavor-packed product that cannabis customers love – their portability and ease of use make them a perfect party gift. (They don’t pack on any calories, so more munchies may be consumed!)

Just in time for the holiday season, some brands are offering gingerbread and peppermint mocha pre-rolls. As if there weren’t enough reasons to celebrate!

Cannabis Consumers: A Consistent Customer Base

Recent surveys show that in spite of runaway inflation, cannabis customers haven’t decreased their consumption in 2022. They’re just looking for lower-cost alternatives, bargains, and bulk purchases.

Surprisingly, about a quarter of consumers are actually purchasing more cannabis products than they did in the preceding year.

As price seems to be trumping brand loyalty, why not get creative and add a lower-priced strain to the digital wallets of your customers? While cannabis brands may come and go, you can nurture a long-term customer relationship.

A Sativa Staycation

While many Americans dream of a holiday getaway, the rising cost of travel is forcing people to postpone their plans. A winter staycation may be in order for many cannabis consumers. However, an at-home holiday need not be boring. With the help of your recreational cannabis products, your shoppers can still have an adventurous holiday season – with no flight delays or jet lag!

12 Days of Cannabis Deals

So, how should you take advantage of the holiday spirit to generate customer excitement, goodwill, and holiday sales? Try a daily SMS marketing campaign with increasingly irresistible deals.

On the days leading up to Christmas, offer deeper discounts. Buy-one-get-one-free deals encourage marijuana customers who want to stock up (well, who wants to go out in the snow?). And free shipping will definitely make your customers jolly.

Don’t forget to encourage your happy customers to share their joy (and purchases) on social media. This is crucial for increasing your popularity – and your sales volume.

Stocking (and Shopping Cart) Stuffers

Need a sweet idea for stuffing your customers’ shopping carts? Entice them with some yummy cannabis gummies, chocolate bars, or hard candies. Or include free cannabis topicals, cannabis beverages, or edibles.

Encourage your customers to spread the word about the freebies, using our Budz referral program – and reward those who post the goodies on their Insta.

Be a Secret Santa

Want to reward your most loyal customers with a magical surprise? Your targeted SMS or E-mail can make them feel like a kid on Christmas morning if you include a link to a randomized free cannabis gift. To make the present extra special, limit its redemption to the day of the campaign.

The Sharing Spirit

According to a Slickdeals survey, 52% of Americans say that wrapping presents is the worst part of the holidays. So, after you entice your customers with holiday rewards, why not encourage them to buy their friends a cannabis gift card instead? After all, sharing is caring.

It’s Not Too Late

If at this late stage of the game, a holiday rewards campaign seems like too much for you to process, let springbig handle the logistics for you – as the leading dispensary technology provider in the cannabis industry, we excel at crafting you the most effective loyalty program.

Our specialty is customer retention marketing (CRM), so we will have your cannabis consumers coming back for more.

Christmas is Coming…

There’s still a little time to take advantage of the holiday season. Green Wednesday is long gone, but there’s still Christmas, which remains the most important holiday for cannabis sales. (December 23rd is a close second.) Let us help your dispensary truly make this the most wonderful time of the year.

So ramp up your holiday sales with springbig today – and to all, a good night.

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