How To Increase Sales on Green Wednesday and Black Friday

Green Wednesday and Black Friday are two of the most significant sales days for the holiday season. Green Wednesday, which leads up to Thanksgiving, and Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, are celebrated across the country as a time to shop, enjoy special offers, and kick off the festive season. Both of these days have a rich history, and in recent years, they’ve become more than just a tradition; they’re a phenomenon for increasing sales.

For merchants, especially those in the cannabis industry, Green Wednesday and Black Friday present remarkable opportunities to increase sales, attract new customers, and strengthen relationships with existing ones. It’s a time when retailers and dispensaries open their doors with promotions, exclusive deals, and enticing discounts, all designed to cater to the demand of enthusiastic customers. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of these two bustling days, learn how they’ve evolved over time, and uncover the strategies merchants employ to make the most out of these events. From exclusive offers to early access for subscribers, Green Wednesday and Black Friday have become much more than just days of shopping; they’re a chance to celebrate, save, and boost sales.

The Significance of Green Wednesday and Black Friday

Boost for Consumer and Business:

  • Consumers: Green Wednesday and Black Friday offer a chance for consumers to score big discounts on a variety of products, including cannabis. It’s a moment of excitement and anticipation as they seek to make the most of these sales events.
  • Businesses: For retailers, these days are about boosting sales and revenue. The days are known for high consumer demand, creating a great opportunity for merchants to increase profits.
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Tradition of Pre-Holiday Sales:

  • Setting the Stage: Green Wednesday and Black Friday have become a traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season. Shoppers anticipate these sales events and start planning their purchases ahead of time.
  • Pre-Holiday Rush: These days set the stage for the holiday shopping frenzy. Customers begin shopping for gifts, decorations, and festive essentials. Retailers stock up on inventory, and marketing efforts intensify.

Anticipation and Excitement:

  • Shopping Frenzy: Green Wednesday and Black Friday are known for the enthusiasm they generate. People eagerly look forward to the deals, creating a buzz that’s felt nationwide.
  • Family Tradition: For many, shopping on these days has become a family tradition. It’s a time to bond and spend quality moments while hunting for the best deals.

As the excitement builds, it’s crucial for businesses to prepare and market effectively to capture the attention of eager shoppers. These two days provide a fantastic opportunity to engage customers, boost sales, and leave a lasting impression.

Data Insights: Black Friday

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Black Friday, traditionally one of the busiest shopping days of the year, provides valuable data insights that shed light on consumer behavior and overall trends. Let’s take a closer look at the key data from Black Friday 2022:

Surge in Visits and Sales:

  • Increased Traffic: Black Friday witnessed a significant increase in both messages sent and visit totals. Merchants sent millions of messages, capturing the attention of numerous customers.
  • Higher Revenue: The surge in visits translated into a substantial boost in revenue, with $27.5 million generated on Black Friday alone.

Consumer Frenzy:

  • Engaged Audience: The surge in visits and sales highlights how customers actively participated in Black Friday shopping. The data suggests that customers were eagerly exploring deals and offers.
  • High Credit Usage: With over 10 million credits used on Black Friday alone, customers were eager to take advantage of the discounts, showing that merchants were able to incentivize purchases effectively.

Reflecting Consumer Behavior:

  • Effective Marketing: The substantial increase in messages sent signifies the effectiveness of marketing strategies employed by merchants. Consumers were actively engaged through messaging.
  • Pre-holiday Shopping: Black Friday sales triggered the holiday shopping season, with customers beginning to purchase gifts and essentials for the upcoming festivities.

These data insights confirm the significance of Black Friday for both consumers and merchants. It’s a day when consumers actively seek the best deals, resulting in a surge in sales and revenues for retailers.

Data Insights: Green Wednesday

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To gain a comprehensive understanding of the significance of Green Wednesday for both consumers and businesses, let’s dive into the data insights from last year’s pre-holiday cannabis shopping extravaganza.

Messages Sent:

  • During the week leading up to Green Wednesday, a substantial number of messages were dispatched to engage customers and promote exclusive deals and offers. On the specific day of Green Wednesday, a significant surge in messages occurred, reflecting the intensive campaigns aimed at creating excitement among cannabis consumers.

Visit Totals:

  • Green Wednesday saw a noticeable increase in visit totals, underlining the eagerness of customers to explore deals and make early purchases before the Thanksgiving holiday. This trend reveals the effectiveness of early promotions in drawing customers into dispensaries.


  • The revenue and sales figures for Green Wednesday are noteworthy, signaling that customers actively participated in the shopping spree. This indicates the allure of special deals and the anticipation of the holiday season, leading to an upsurge in spending.

Credits Used:

  • On Green Wednesday, a significant number of credits were utilized by customers, a testament to their eagerness to engage with special promotions and access exclusive deals. This reflects a strong desire to be part of the holiday shopping excitement.

The Green Wednesday data insights affirm its significance for consumers and merchants alike. The statistics indicate a substantial increase in engagement, visits, sales, and the use of credits, underscoring the importance of early promotions and exclusive deals in boosting customer participation and sales. These findings provide valuable guidance for merchants aiming to capitalize on the Green Wednesday shopping trend and leverage its benefits for both customer engagement and revenue.

Maximizing Sales: Green Wednesday and Black Friday

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Cannabis dispensaries can significantly enhance their sales and engagement by strategically leveraging both Green Wednesday and Black Friday. These pre-holiday shopping extravaganzas offer unique opportunities to attract customers, enhance brand loyalty, and increase revenue. Here are some key strategies for dispensaries looking to make the most of these special days:

Exclusive Deals and Discounts:

Offering exclusive promotions, discounts, and bundles on both Green Wednesday and Black Friday can be a game-changer. These promotions should be made available to all customers, but could include a more significant discount or offer early access for loyal subscribers. Such deals create a sense of urgency and excitement, encouraging customers to make purchases, ultimately driving sales.

Early Access for Subscribers:

Subscriptions play a crucial role in driving engagement and sales. By granting early access to subscribers, dispensaries can provide them with a first look at the special offers. This not only rewards loyal customers but also incentivizes others to join the subscription program, leading to increased customer retention and engagement.

Customized Marketing Campaigns:

Tailor marketing campaigns specifically for Green Wednesday and Black Friday. Utilize email marketing, SMS, and social media to reach customers, inform them about special promotions, and keep them engaged. Crafting compelling content that highlights the exclusivity and time-sensitive nature of these deals can attract more shoppers.

Bundle and Package Deals:

Create enticing bundle deals or special product packages. Customers often seek value for their money during holiday sales. Offering bundles that pair complementary products or discounted packages can increase the average purchase value, driving sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Extended Hours and Easy Shopping:

On these special days, consider extending dispensary hours to accommodate increased foot traffic. Ensure the shopping experience is smooth and efficient by managing in-store logistics effectively. Additionally, offering online ordering and curbside pickup options can cater to a broader range of customers.

By implementing these strategies, cannabis dispensaries can harness the excitement and anticipation surrounding Green Wednesday and Black Friday to boost sales, drive customer engagement, and establish a strong foothold in the competitive cannabis market.

Celebrate Green Wednesday and Black Friday with Increased Sales

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In the realm of cannabis dispensaries, Green Wednesday and Black Friday shine as beacons of opportunity. With data showing substantial increases in messages sent, visits, and revenue on these days, dispensaries have ample reason to partake in the holiday festivities, increase brand recognition, and maximize sales.

With the traditions of Green Wednesday and Black Friday as their foundation, dispensaries can ensure that the holiday season is merry and bright, offering unbeatable deals, exceptional customer experiences, and a sense of togetherness that transcends the mere transaction. As the holiday season approaches, these shopping days promise more than just sales; they offer a profound opportunity to engage, grow, and celebrate.

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