cannabis labor day

cannabis labor day

Labor Day weekend is here and while it may not seem like it would be such a big deal for cannabis consumers, the statistics say otherwise. Labor Day weekend is the third biggest cannabis sales period after 4/20 and July 4th, and in some states, it even exceeds July 4th. In fact, recent research by BDS Analytics states that this three-day holiday is actually the busiest multi-sales period of the year for cannabis retailers. Most of these sales take place on Friday as people prepare for the holiday weekend.

For many, Labor Day represents the end of summer and the last weekend to express their free-spirited selves before settling into the school year or saying goodbye to perfect weather. For those living in states where cannabis is not yet legal, and are spending some of their summer vacation days in a legal state, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time for them to throw a last-hurrah blowout before heading back.

In Colorado, probably the most popular destination for cannabis tourism, Labor Day sales make September the highest-grossing month of the year. This is a cannabis retailer’s last chance to capitalize on all those cannabis tourists looking to get there hands on some amazing end of season deals before heading back home.

got your work cut out for you

springbig clients saw a 284% increase in sales on the Friday before Labor Day compared to a regular Friday. That means this is a huge chance for you to take full advantage of our platform to gain some holiday traffic.

The most important thing to do before Friday is to get the word out. You’ve probably already decided which products you’ll be discounting and promoting. Now you just need to inform customers who’ve shown interest in those products that you have what they want. You’ve got your work cut out for you, and springbig is here to help with some of the heavy liftings.

Research from Cannabis Business Executive in 2017 shows combined Labor Day sales numbers from in CO, WA, and OR, for Friday through Sunday:

  • $16.7 million in flower
  • $6.25 million in concentrates
  • $4.04 million in edibles
  • $2.20 million in prerolls

With the expansion of the cannabis market over the past two years, it is safe to bet that these numbers are only getting higher (like most of your customers) each year.

So we want to help retailers make sure that they are leveraging springbig text marketing to get in on the action before it’s back to the regular grind.

4 strategies for promoting your Labor Day sales:

1) segment

First of all, give people what they want. Consult your sales history and dispensary CRM software to segment your customers by their product interests. Then it’s time to create the perfect SMS marketing campaign around the items you’re promoting and target those who are most likely to buy them. Even if you decide to throw a storewide sale, you can still target customers based on their brand preferences to make each promotion more potent.

2) host an event

Labor Day is all about BBQs and relaxation- what could go better with cannabis? Host a BBQ or some other type of event (with food of course) and text your customer list inviting them to join. Make admission free because odds are they’ll be spending some money. The last thing you want is loyalty members missing out because of a cover charge. Trust us, there is nothing like a post-hot dog spliff to ease digestion.

3) stay open and let people know

If you usually close early on the weekends, don’t! Remember this is one of the top 3 shopping weekends of the entire year, every minute you’re open could be huge. Chances are one of your competitors are closing early to head up to the lake, so capitalize on this and be the only place to go for those people who forgot to shop on Friday and maybe even Saturday.

4) spread the love of social media

As they say- if you didn’t put it on Facebook, did it really happen? For some of your customers, it might as well not if there isn’t a hashtag to go with it. So whatever you decide to do for the holiday weekend, make sure to share! Despite the handicaps of current social media when it comes to cannabis, it is one more chance to get your promotion in front of the right followers. 

campaign suggestions

The following are a few examples of text campaigns you can send to your loyalty members to drive some holiday traffic into your stores.

“👷‍♀️👨‍⚕️HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND👩‍🔬👨‍🚀! This holiday is all about honoring the accomplishments of the American workforce 🇺🇸! So to celebrate, [business name] is giving everyone a special treat to help enjoy the extra day off. Visit this Friday and get [offer here]% off everything in the store!”

“We know you are getting ready for a big BBQ🌭🍔, and with some party favors from [business name] the neighbors will definitely smell what you’re cooking! Stop by anytime before Sunday to grab [deal here] off p-rolls!” 

“Labor day weekend is all about relaxing😴🛌, and that is why [business name] is offering FREE DELIVERY🚗 with any purchases of $100 or more this weekend only!”

“We know some of you do some back-breaking work 👩‍🌾👷👨‍🚒👩‍🔧. That is why this labor day we want to give your aches and pains the relief you deserve. Spend more than [deal here] at  [business name] and get a free bottle of soothing CBD lotion.”

While most people may be taking some time off, you might want to stay on the clock for this one. We hope you brought enough budtenders because this weekend is going to be big. No need to worry about sporting white after these Labor Day sales because you’re going to be surrounded by so much green. 

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