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Top reasons why customers opt-in to dispensary text message marketing

Text message marketing is one of the most effective ways for dispensaries to marketing to their customers. Not only does text message marketing boast a 98% open rate, but it also lends itself well to the cannabis industry as it allows dispensaries to stay compliant with the laws and regulations within the cannabis industry.


That being said, your dispensary text message marketing strategy won’t be effective if you’ve got no one to send text messages to and/or if you aren’t sending out the things customers want.


In order to know how to get more customers to join, and how to keep the ones that you already have, then you need to know why they joined in the first place. What are they looking to get out of these text messages?


In this article, we will be talking about exactly that: Why do customers opt-in to receive text messages from dispensaries? With this, we’ll also briefly look at why customers opt-out and how to avoid that in the future.


To start: Why do customers opt-in to dispensary text message marketing?


Why customers opt-in to receive dispensary text messages


Coupons and deals 


According to recent studies, The top reason, unsurprisingly, that people opt-in to receive text messages from dispensaries is for the coupons and deals. 


That’s right, 77% of people said that they are there because they expect to be rewarded, so in order to keep them around, you need to reward them and give them what they want.


While you don’t necessarily have to give them coupons and deals in every message that you send, it would be good practice to send out at least a couple coupons and deals per week so that the majority of your subscribers, who are there for the coupons and deals, are getting what they want.


Personal alerts


The next most influential reason for joining a dispensary’s text message marketing listserv is to receive personalized alerts. According to the survey, 50% of people who opt-in to receive text messages from dispensaries do so to receive personalized alerts.


That means if you’re a medical dispensary, they’ll looking for messages reminding them to refill their prescriptions. If they are recreational customers, that means they’re looking for things such as updates on their rewards points or information about their favorite products.


Luckily, springbig can help you get these personalized messages out to your customers automatically with automated dispensary marketing


To stay up-to-date


After discounts and personal alerts, 48% of people said staying up-to-date with the dispensary was another one of their main motivations in joining a dispensary’s text message marketing campaigns.


That means people want to hear about updates on store hours, COVID procedures, delivery options, and inventory among other things via text message. Luckily, this too can be automated with springbig.


In this, some best practices include letting customers know if your store hours are changing, telling them how you are staying COVID friendly, and letting them know when their favorite product is out of stock among other things.


Access to meaningful content


Last but not least, 33% of people said that gaining access to meaningful content was the purpose for joining the text message listserv. That means that they’re looking for important information and they don’t want to be bombarded with needless messages.


For these people, making sure that you avoid unnecessary text messages with no content is a must. You’ll want to make sure that each message you send is bringing them some sort of value whether it’s informational or monetary.


Luckily by what we’ve discussed above, you know what customers deem as ‘meaningful content.’ They want the deals, they want their personal alerts, and they want to stay up-to-date.


Why customers opt-out


Now that we know why customers opt-in to dispensary text message marketing campaigns, let’s talk a bit about why customers opt-out of them.


Disruptive and meaningless


According to the same survey, 52% of people said that they opted-out or would opt-out of a dispensary’s text message marketing campaign if they found it disruptive.


What makes a message disruptive? Two main things: Frequency and content. First off, you want to make sure you are not spamming your customers with messages, especially at the wrong time of the day. Making sure you are careful about how many messages you send and when you send them is a must. 


With this, 41% of people said that they opted-out of a text message marketing campaign because it didn’t provide meaningful content. This goes back to what we discussed above when we talked about providing them with meaningful content. Customers want meaningful content and they don’t want to be spammed with needless information.


When sending text messages out to customers, in order to ensure your message won’t be deemed ‘disruptive’ or ‘meaningless’ it may be helpful to look at it from the customer’s point of view. Ask yourself: “If I were the customer, would I care about what is in this message? If the answer if no, you probably shouldn’t send it.




Now that you know why customers joining text message marketing campaigns, and why they leave them, you will be able to hopefully keep the customers you’re messaging happy and prevent them from opting-out. 


In this, making sure your messages are bringing your customers some sort of value is crucial. Whether it is a discount, information about the dispensary, or personal updates, the content of the message is key. If you can’t answer the question “What value does this bring the customer?” then you probably shouldn’t be sending the message.

For more tips on cannabis text message marketing or marketing in the cannabis industry in general, check out our blog!

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