4/20 is massive. And growing. According to data from Cova, the largest POS software for cannabis dispensaries in North America, 4/20/21 saw an 89% increase in sales from an ordinary Tuesday. But no one is surprised by 4/20 anymore.

The next big thing may just be 710 (or 7/10), as in July 10th,  also known as dab day.

For those new to 710, follow me.

What is 710?

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Dab day is a new phenomenon, so if you don’t know much about it, you are probably in good company. Basically, in cannabis culture, 710 is a day to celebrate all things cannabis concentrates and cannabis oil.

Primarily, the day recognizes the art of “dabbing,” a centerpiece of stoner culture.

Skipping the actual chemistry, dabs are extremely concentrated doses of THC contained in a sticky oil. They are usually smoked through a “dab rig,” like the one pictured below. With a rig, high heat is applied, usually with a butane torch, onto the “nail,” and then the dab is smoked. Many appreciate letting the dab cool down a bit in the glass before inhaling.

You can expect a dabbing stoner to be particular with his craft. The rig, the set up, and the execution are more of an art than anything else.

Taking a dab gives a unique and strong high that other methods of ingesting cannabis simply cannot provide. It makes sense why so many are committed to it.

So why not take a day to celebrate it? 710 does just that. It is essentially the stoniest stoners’ 4/20.

The Origins of 710

The actual story behind 710 is a mystery, either lost forever, yet to be told, or its founders were just too high to remember, but why July 10 in particular was Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Marijuana, Medical Marijuanaselected is no mystery. 710, when looked at upside down, spells “OIL.” Wooooah.

Oil day. Genius.

A day of good vibes, and, with the major growth of the stoner community in the last year, an excellent business opportunity for dispensaries.

7/10: A Day of Sales

As a dispensary, celebrating dab day is important beyond just being tuned into cannabis culture. It is an opportunity to enhance your sales, especially your sales of concentrates, oils, wax, and cartridges.

While the origins of 710 belong to dabbing in particular, it has become a time for cannabis consumers nationwide to appreciate any form of concentrated THC. As such, in recent years, dispensary sales of concentrates and cartridges have seen a sudden spike on July 10.

Take a look at our data on 710 of 2020:

Understanding the significance of 710 can lead to excellent results for your dispensary sales, especially if combined with a strong marketing strategy. As 710 approaches (quickly!), consider how you can market your dispensary so 710 traffic leads into your storefront.

710 Marketing Strategies

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Promotions such as discounts, sales, or “buy one, get one for $1” are good ideas for increasing sales. These especially work on “holidays” and other significant dates for the cannabis community. With a large amount of sales set to take place, your goal as a dispensary is to drive traffic into your dispensary rather than your competition.

Getting the Word Out

A promotion is only as good as its advertising. With your dab day plans and promotions in place, the question becomes how to share with the community.

You have options, from word-of-mouth to social media. However, the proven most-effective way to get the word out to large audiences with the details of your promotions is SMS text message marketing.

With SMS messages, you can reach a massive audience segmented by profiles and ensure a high rate of messages are actually read and opened.

Marketing with springbig

With springbig’s marketing suite, you can do just that. Among a whole bunch of other features guaranteed to take your dispensary’s marketing strategy to the next level, springbig’s SMS text message marketing is the best way to reach a wide audience of new customers and old customers alike. Easily integrated into your already existing software, maximize your sales this 710 while making a great long-term investment with springbig. You can request a demo here.

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