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How are you marketing to your customers? Are you utilizing social media marketing, content marketing, or digital ads in your marketing strategy? You should be – but everyone is using these tactics. To grab your customers’ attention you’ll need to do more than that. You’ll need to give them a reason to come in addition to the fact that you have some of the best products and prices in the industry. But how do you do that? By rewarding your customers.

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty is crucial to building a customer base and increasing customer retention rates. Customers join loyalty programs to receive special deals and rewards, and in exchange they continue to come back to your dispensary and give you their business. But unfortunately even this isn’t enough to really stand out – if you want to really stand out you’ll have to get creative with the promotions that you send your customers through your rewards program.

But before we discuss that, you must know that rewarding your customers through your rewards program is key. Not only does this help you attain customer data, but it also incentivises customers to join our loyalty program.

In this article we will be looking at 5 promotional ideas that you can incorporate into your rewards program today that will grab your customers’ attention, get them excited to come into your dispensary, and improve your customer retention rates. But before we get to this, let’s first discuss the importance of rewarding customers through a rewards program.

The importance of a rewards program

Customers love being rewarded through rewards programs, and our recent studies show just that: We surveyed budtenders at MÜV and asked them if they thought their customers valued the reward program at their dispensary. Their responses were overwhelmingly positive: here are just a few of the responses.

One budtender said, “They like the extra discounts, they get a point for every $ they spend. A big plus is that it is stackable.”

Another budtender said, “Most (customers) absolutely love it (myself included)…”

While customers clearly are loving the rewards programs, you don’t want to reward just anyone who walks into your dispensary. While all customers are important, repeat customers are especially important. In fact, studies show that repeat customers spend on average 3x more than new customers.

If they’re spending more, they should be getting rewarded more, and the more they are rewarded the more they’ll spend. What’s more is that how you structure your program can amplify the benefits of having one even further. In our other articles we’ve discussed how to structure a loyalty program for maximum benefits, and one of the most important things to incorporate into your program is tiers. Reward tiers give customers a reason to spend even more so that they can receive even more rewards. Your customers get rewarded for spending money and you increase sales. It’s a win-win.

That being said, you definitely want to make your new customers feel special and you should be giving them deals – but only one time. First time customer deals are a great way to entice new customers to become rewards members, which turns them into repeat customers. This should be your goal in all of this: to turn new customers into repeat customers and to keep repeat customers coming back.

Now that we understand the importance of rewards programs, let’s look at 5 promotional ideas and specials to run at your dispensary. The five promotions we’ll be discussing are:

  1. Weekly events with in-store deals
  2. Daily deals
  3. Birthday specials
  4. Flash sales
  5. Free merchandise

We’ll also be discussing other ways you can leverage rewards to help grow your dispensary and even to get your marketing paid for.

1. Weekly events with in-store deals

While your dispensary is a store first, you shouldn’t be afraid to use it as a venue. Holding weekly events at your dispensary is a great way to bring the community surrounding your dispensary together. Whether it’s a movie night with discounted edibles, or a live band where you offer a free pre-roll with the purchase of a ticket, events are a great way to bring customers to your dispensary.

To do this, you’ll want to make sure you have enough space to host people. Whether it’s in your parking lot, behind your building, or on the selling floor of your dispensary, as long as there are deals on cannabis and entertainment people are sure to show.

If you can’t have events at your dispensary, then having events outside of your dispensary at any 420 friendly venue is great too. You could even offer in-store discounts or freebies for each customer who chooses to come.

2. Daily deals

While it may not be the most unique idea on the list, is it one that will give customers a reason to keep coming back each day – which explains why it is so popular. Lots of dispensaries and businesses have daily deals, and so should you.

Seeing as they occur daily you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t giving away too much, but you don’t have to give away free eighths for this to be effective. Whether it’s 10% off everything in the store or a free pre-roll with every purchase over $20, these daily deals are sure to bring customers in.

3. Birthday specials

Everybody loves their birthday, and for good reason, it’s a day dedicated to you! Because of this, you should get in on the action and make sure that all of your customers feel special on their birthday.

Giving you customers a free gift with their purchase on their birthday is a great way to show them that you appreciate them along with being another thing giving them a reason to come in. The more reasons they have to come in, the more customers will spend.

Luckily, springbig can help you with this. With springbig autoconnects, you can make sure you message all your customers on their birthdays and give them a special deal. You can also use auto connects to automatically send after-visit messages, after-join messages, and more.

4. Flash sales

Text message marketing will come in extremely handy here, because flash sales imply a time-crunch and little to no warning. Flash sales are a great way to keep your customers on their toes and reward them for actually reading the text messages you send them.

Surprises are fun, especially when you’re a customer and you wake up to find that for the next 4 hours and 20 minutes all strains of flower are 20% off. This can drive massive traffic to your dispensary while also serving as a reason for customers to pay attention to the messages you send them.

5. Free merchandise

Everybody loves free things, so why not have a day where your customers receive a free piece of merchandise with their purchase of $20 or more? Merchandise is a great way to reward your customers and spread brand-awareness in the process.

Each time your customers wear your merchandise they are essentially marketing your brand, which is great for business. As long as you make sure you put time and effort into making your merchandise eye-catching and high-quality, it’s sure to turn heads and increase interest in your business.

On top of this, merchandise is a great way to build a community around your business. When customers see others around them repping the same brand, it begins to feel more like a community and less like a tacky marketing tactic.

Now that you know what kind of promotions to send you customers, let’s look at some other ways to leverage promotions.

Other ways to leverage promotions

  • Rewarding customers for referrals

One great way to leverage rewards is to offer rewards to loyal members who refer customers to your dispensary. Not only that, but you should also offer a special deal to the person who has been referred.

In this way, you not only gain a new customer, but you also encourage both customers to refer even more customers to your dispensary. This can lead to explosive growth – in fact, referral marketing has been said to have the highest ROI of any other form of marketing. This, paired with a rewards program, you can turn all these new customers in to repeat customers who are loyal to your dispensary.

Don’t have a referral program in place? Then you can set on up with springbig’s referral program Budz. With Budz unique links, you can track each customers’ referrals and even empower your customers to become influencers for your influencer marketing strategy.

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  • Send promotions out for free with Brands by springbig

An even better way to leverage promotions is by partnering with brands that you carry in store so that they can pay you to send promotions to your customers. What’s better than getting paid to promote your business?

That’s right, with Brands by springbig brands will pay you to send promotions to your customers. This presents a win for all sides: brands get access to direct-to-consumer marketing instead of B2B marketing, your customers get deals on their favorite brands, and you get free marketing. It almost sounds too good to be true.


When it comes to rewarding your customers, it can do wonders for you customer retention rates – but if you want to get the most from your rewards program you’ve got to find ways to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Whether it’s an event, a flash sale, or a special deal on a customer’s birthday, these out of the box reward strategies can help your marketing efforts stand out and incentivise customers to join your rewards program. Looking for more ways to grow your business? Then springbig has you covered without a loyalty program, compliance platform, and more.

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