The # 1 Way to Boost 4/20 Sales (And It’s Not Wh...

By Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger   Want to know the # 1 thing you can do to have great sales results on 4/20? TRAIN YOUR BUDTENDERS ON HOW TO SELL Or as I prefer to call

GEN Z demographic
Who is a Cannabis Dispensary’s Target Market...

As a cannabis dispensary owner, manager, or marketer; understanding and connecting with your target demographic is key to success. Knowing which consumers you should focus on to achieve the best results for your business can

refer friends through text message
Why the biggest California cannabis brands adverti...

Why do the biggest brands in CA like Kiva, Wyld, Cann, CannaCraft, and Indus all use springbig? The short answer: springbig has the first digital ad network dedicated to brands called Brands by springbig. But

customer segmentation
Segmentation: Optimize Your Dispensary Marketing S...

Even if you have quality products, exceptional customer service, a thorough loyalty program, and availability on the top ecommerce platforms, your cannabis dispensary may still be falling short of its true potential. So, what’s the

arrows hitting bullseye
Targeted Marketing Campaigns Using Text Messages

Dispensary Marketing Segmentation What if we told you that there’s a way to make text message marketing even more effective? That’s right. Text message marketing already boasts a whopping 98% open rate, but with targeted

cannabis flower
Flower, The King of Cannabis Retail

Business is Blooming In an ever-changing industry such as the cannabis industry, if you want to maximize customer spend then you’re going to have to keep up with the trends within the industry. Knowing what