By Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger


Want to know the # 1 thing you can do to have great sales results on 4/20?


Or as I prefer to call it, “Teach Your Budtenders to Help People Buy.”

Just imagine if all your budtenders sold as much as your top selling budtender.

What would your revenue look like?

Most dispensaries leave a ton of money on the table. How much are you missing? Use this budtender sales opportunity calculator to find out.

So, let’s maximize your sales. Reinforce these things with your budtenders for greater sales on 4/20 and beyond:

  1. Show premium products first. Cannabis consumers have always gravitated towards quality. Your premium products not only represent quality to the consumer, but they also represent more dollars and usually greater margins for you.
  2. Sell larger quantities. Larger quantities offer better per unit value to the consumer and represent more dollars to you. If a customer requests a gram of concentrate, offer them a baller jar, and sell the value.
  3. Upselling. This practice encourages customers to buy a more expensive item by purchasing a better quality or larger quantity. If someone is looking for a gram of batter, show them either live resin batter or a baller jar. If they are looking for a preroll, sell them an infused preroll or a five pack.
  4. Cross Selling. This strategy involves offering customers additional products or services that are related to or supplementary to what they are already purchasing. As an example, if a customer is buying high potency flower, show them a concentrate too. If they are buying an edible chocolate bar, sell them an infused beverage.
  5. Add ons. These are often last minute additions to the sale…things like papers, bong cleaners, lighters, one hitters, air freshers, grinders, pipes, and other lower cost items commonly needed by most cannabis consumers. Train your budtenders to ask questions like, “You need some papers or a pipe to go with that?” when processing a flower order. Impulse purchases through add on selling drives huge profits for many industries. Make sure your add-ons drive profits for your specific location. Pro tip – have add on items on display by payment areas. It makes it easy for impulse purchases for your customers and easier for your budtenders to sell.

These five practices will result in greater sales, higher average basket size, and greater shopping experiences for your customers. Train your budtenders to do them. Help and coach budtenders on the sales floor. Remind your budtenders that these practices enable them to help their customers buy the right things while having fun doing it.

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About the Author

Brian “Offenbonger” Offenberger is the founder of Offenbonger, a cannabis sales consultancy offering sales training for budtenders, and B Street Local, a marketing agency helping dispensaries dominate search engine rankings. His radio show about online marketing was voted by marketing pros as one of the world’s top sources for online marketing best practices, and he’s led sales teams to record results for more than three decades. He is a Minnesota Vikings fan, which explains why he gets high. Connect with him at

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