It's a Budz Story with an iPhone showing the refer a friend screen on the Springbig platform.
It’s a Budz Story: The Power and Importance of R...

Explore the role of referral programs in the cannabis sector. Understand how they cultivate trust and community. See how Budz by Springbig pioneers with specialized referral approaches.

How Instant Points Benefit You and Your Members
How Instant Points Benefit You and Your Members

What are the benefits of instant rewards? Instant rewards is a system where users earn points immediately after completing certain actions or transactions. These points are redeemable for immediate benefits, such as discounts, freebies, or

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Why Customers Opt-in to Dispensary Text Marketing

Top reasons why customers opt-in to dispensary text message marketing Text message marketing is one of the most effective ways for dispensaries to marketing to their customers. Not only does text message marketing boast a

4 ways to make your cannabis marketing strategy st...

You can do everything you can to try to keep up with the competition, but in the cannabis industry, it’s going to take a lot more than just doing what everyone else is doing to

Cannabis Loyalty Programs Aren’t Just for Di...

Who said that loyalty programs were only for dispensaries? Loyalty programs have been growing in popularity in the cannabis industry and have proven their ability to drive sales and increase the percentage of customers that

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5 Features Every Cannabis Retail Loyalty Program N...

Did you know that studies have shown gaining a new customer is actually 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one? On top of being cheaper, improving customer retention rates by just

How Local Influencer Marketing Can Take Dispensary...

Unlike mainstream consumer industries, cannabis retailers must navigate a myriad of constantly evolving marketing regulations in order to engage with customers. These unique restrictions often bar companies from directly interacting with potential customers and make

How to Create a Dispensary Customer Referral Progr...

Turning Customers into Marketers We all want to expand our business’ customer base, and turn those new customers into regulars. But what is the best way to do this? Social media marketing, text message marketing,

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How to Build Dispensary Brand Loyalty During COVID...

In this period of rapidly changing retail trends and practices, ingenuity is required to reach and retain loyal cannabis customers. We’ve previously mentioned thoughtful ways to increase customer engagement, but how can dispensaries adjust their