Springbig Stashboard for the Delayed After Visit marketing automation
Easy Marketing Automation: Delayed After Visit

Discover Delayed After Visit Autoconnect: master post-visit engagement, boost loyalty, and grow your business by connecting when it counts, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind.

Springbig Stashboard displaying an Easy Marketing Automation. By Join Date Autoconnect
Easy Marketing Automations: By Join Date

Discover Springbig's By Join Date Autoconnect: a tool that boosts customer engagement, celebrates milestones, and provides data-driven rewards for optimal loyalty and retention.

Stashbaord highlighting the Easy Marketing Automation: Reward Available Autoconnect
Easy Marketing Automation: Reward Available

Explore Easy Marketing Automation with Reward Available Autoconnect. Boost customer loyalty and engagement, streamline your strategy, and elevate your business today!

Springbig Spend Milestone Autoconnect stashboard highlighting the a members accomplishment to the gold tier.
Easy Marketing Automation: Spend Milestone

Boost customer loyalty and spending with Springbig's Spend Milestone autoconnect. Learn how this tool enhances long-term relationships in our blog. Schedule a demo to experience its transformative potential.

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Easy Marketing Automations: Big Purchase

Boost revenue and loyalty with Easy Marketing Automations: Big Purchase. Incentivize purchases, reward customers, streamline campaigns. Drive sales, save time with automation, unlock upselling. Propel success.

Win back autoconnect stashboard image, "Stop in today"
Easy Marketing Automation – Win Back Autocon...

Unlock growth with Easy Marketing Automation's Win Back. Reconnect with inactive customers through personalized communication and incentives, rekindling relationships for enhanced customer loyalty and business success.

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Increasing Dispensary Ecommerce Sales with an AI B...

Streamline Your Dispensary Ecommerce and Loyalty Funnel Cannabis dispensaries are always looking for ways to increase e-commerce sales, and one way to do that is by using a virtual budtender powered by AI.  We’re happy

reporting and analytics crm
Cannabis Marketing Tips for 2021

It’s no secret, the world is changing. Whether that’s for better or worse remains to be seen, but what we do know is that with change comes adaptation – that is if you want to

personalized marketing
The Benefits of Personalized Marketing and Automat...

In a competitive industry like the Cannabis industry, everybody is looking for any and all ways to stay ahead of the competition. In the digital age, doing this comes down to a lot more than

win back a customer
How to Win-Back Lost Dispensary Customers

Here at Springbig, we’re all about making the execution of your marketing strategy as effortless as possible. With our cannabis marketing software, you can make the most of your text message marketing campaigns by utilizing