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Here at Springbig, we’re all about making the execution of your marketing strategy as effortless as possible. With our cannabis marketing software, you can make the most of your text message marketing campaigns by utilizing key features of the software that give you the ability to customize your text message campaigns, track their effectiveness with real-time stats, and gain new customers through our built in referral program: Budz. While these features are all great, there is another that can really take your text message campaigns to the next level: the “autoconnects” feature. Within the autoconnects feature is an autoconnect called the “win-back” which allows you to do just that – “win back” customers who haven’t come into your dispensary in awhile. In our study, we found this autoconnect to be extremely powerful, generating millions of otherwise lost revenue for our clients.

The win-back autoconnect

Between the “delayed after-visit,” the “after join,” and the 10 other auto connects you can customize, the win-back autoconnect can easily be overlooked and forgotten. This is a shame though, considering that the win-back autoconnect is one of the most powerful autoconnects you can use.

The win-back autoconnect allows dispensaries to reach out to members of your dispensary who haven’t visited the dispensary in a while and entice them to come back. This autoconnect is fully customizable, where you can determine at exactly what point and how many times you want to reach out. Think 30 days after their last visit is a good time to reach out? You can set up this autoconnect to reach out to all loyalty members who haven’t come in 30 days automatically. You can even set up the message to send at a certain frequency, and set a limit on how many days since their last visit is too long to reach out. For example: Want to send a win-back autoconnect to dispensary members who haven’t come in in 14 days? Want that message to send every 14 days after that up until it has been 42 days since they came in for a total of 3 messages? You can do that.

What makes the win-back so powerful?

What makes this autoconnect so powerful? Well, it’s actually a combination of two factors. First, it gives loyalty members who need that little extra push a reason to come in. And second, it shows your customers who haven’t come in for a while that they are still important and valued at your dispensary. This combination of incentive and appreciation is what really makes this autoconnect stand out from the rest.

For those loyalty members who enjoy visiting your dispensary but need a little extra push, the win-back autoconnect allows you to set up a string of messages that progressively get more and more tantalizing. For example, the first message that you send at 30 days may just let them know that you miss them and prompt them to check their wallet to see if they have any redeemable points, but the second message at 45 days may offer a 10% discount or a dollar pre-roll on their next purchase. In this way, the auto connect allows you to slowly “win-back” a dispensary member that may have otherwise been lost.

On top of this, the win-back helps to make your customers feel valued. Loyalty members love knowing that they are a valued part of your dispensary, so letting them know that you miss them and want to see them back in your dispensary could be all the push they need to come back in.

Clearly, this is a powerful autoconnect, so we here at springbig did a case-study to find out how to most effectively use the win-back autoconnect.

Tips for using the win-back autoconnect effectively

In our study, we analyzed hundreds of win-backs reaching over 1 million customers that generated millions in extra revenue for our clients. Our findings helped us to better understand exactly when the most opportune times are to send a win-back to your dispensary’s members.

45 day sweet spot

win-backs are most effective up to 45 days since the customer has last visited the dispensary. Up to 45 days, the average ROI per text remains above $2 per one cent text message and visit rates float well above 3%. After 45 days, the average ROI drops to $1.27 per text and visit rates fall under 3% into 2% and even 1% at 90 days.

The sooner the better

When sending a win-back, it is best to adhere to the rule: the sooner the better. For 14 day win-back, we see the average visit rate sitting 6.14%, for 45 day win-backs we see it sitting at 4.04%, but for the 90 day win-backs we see the average visit rate sitting at 1.93%.

If you are looking to boost your average purchase size the 21 day win-backs boasted the highest ROI and average spend with $4.41 ROI per text and an average customer spend of $91. If you’re just looking to get more traffic into your cannabis dispensary, the 14 day win-back boasted the highest average visit rate of 6.14%.

Winback compared to regular days

14 day win-backs had an average purchase that was 95.05% higher than regular transactions, and the 21 day win-backs was 75.44% higher. In light of those stats, sending an autoconnect at any time is better than never at all.

With its ability to generate millions of dollars worth of revenue that would have otherwise been lost, and its ability to make your customers feel appreciated, this win-back is not one to be overlooked. That being said, it should not be the only autoconnect that you use. It is important to stay in contact with your customers at all times, not just when you want them to come back into your dispensary. Paring this autoconnect with other autoconnects such as the “daily deals’ autoconnect and the “after visit” autoconnect is key to making the most of Springbig’s autoconnects feature. This, along with using the other tools at your disposal through our CRM software is sure to boost your revenue and improve your customer retention rates.

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