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In a competitive industry like the Cannabis industry, everybody is looking for any and all ways to stay ahead of the competition. In the digital age, doing this comes down to a lot more than simply providing better service than your competitors or providing better products, it’s going to come down to how you market to and communicate with your customers.

But past targeting the right customer segments and marketing through the right channels, what can you do to improve your cannabis marketing strategy? The answer to that question: personalized marketing. That’s right, if you want to improve your marketing strategy instantly, then personalized marketing is the way to go.

Personalized marketing refers to a marketing strategy where companies market to customers through individualized content that is informed by collected data and automated. This kind of marketing greatly improves the customer experience as it makes the customer-business relationship seemingly more interactive and close. But how would one even go about collecting all of the data and automating everything that is involved in this? We’ll answer that question, but first, let’s look at the benefits of personalized marketing.

Benefits of personalized marketing

Personalized marketing is special because it turns what used to feel like a “one-size-fits-all” process and tailors it to each individual customer based on customer data. Because of this, it will be extremely important to make sure that collecting and leveraging customer data when putting together these marketing campaigns.

Personalized marketing presents an opportunity for huge benefits, but the most important is its ability to drive revenue and boost ROI. But leveraging data to more effectively communicate and target customers, you can not only show customers more of what they like but also thank and reward them for certain actions. Automation is key here though because as you have probably already thought to yourself, keeping up with each and every customer manually would be impossible. Thus, ensuring that you have a system that can automatically do all of this for you is key. Luckily, springbig can help you there.

Springbig’s autoconnects

With a springbig’s membership, you’ll have access to a special feature unique to springbig called “autoconnects.” These autoconnects allow you to effortlessly leverage customer data and send automated messages directly to their phones based on certain actions.

This means that you’ll never have to worry about missing a customer at an opportune time such as after they join your loyalty program or on your birthday because springbig’s autoconnects feature will automatically send them a message with whatever voucher or reward you’ve decided to attach automatically.

Not only that, but the feature also allows for you to insert the name of the customer into the message automatically, which only adds to the personalization of this special marketing strategy.

Let’s look at some of the different features springbig’s autoconnects have to offer.

The win-back autoconnect

The win-back autoconnect allows marijuana dispensaries to reach out to members of your dispensary who haven’t visited the dispensary in a while and entice them to come back. This autoconnect is fully customizable, where you can determine at exactly what point and how many times you want to reach out.

Think 30 days after their last visit is a good time to reach out? You can set up this autoconnect to reach out to all loyalty members who haven’t come in 30 days automatically. You can even set up the message to send at a certain frequency, and set a limit on how many days since their last visit is too long to reach out. For example: Want to send a win-back autoconnect to dispensary members who haven’t come in in 14 days? Want that message to send every 14 days after that up until it has been 42 days since they came in for a total of 3 messages? You can do that.

The after-join and after-visit autoconnect

Right after a customer joins your loyalty program is a perfect time to reach out and reward them because they are new to the program and thus they are impressionable.

This autoconnect can be customized to be sent however long you feel is right after a customer joins your loyalty program, and for the best results you’ll want to attach a reward or voucher to it to reward your customers for joining the program.

The birthday autoconnect

Everyone loves to be told happy birthday and everyone loves birthday gifts which is why the birthday autoconnect is so useful.

With this autoconnect, you’ll never miss a customer’s birthday. Simply write them a nice message, attach a voucher, and they just might bring their birthday party to your dispensary. Not only can this autoconnect help you tap into those birthday wallets, but it also lets your customers know that you truly value your customers.

The “desired action taken” autoconnects

The “desired action taken: autoconnects are powerful because it encourages your customers to do things that you want them to do. One of the two most powerful autoconnects in this category reward you customers for entering in data on their loyalty program account such as their interests and their birthday.

This presents a win-win scenario where you get the data you need in order to target your marketing strategy, and they get rewarded.

Brands by springbig

Brands by springbig is another powerful cannabis product marketing tool that not only allows for both cannabis dispensaries and cannabis brands to get in on the benefits of personalized marketing.

Brands allows cannabis dispensaries to partner with brands on one or multiple text message marketing campaigns. In these partnerships, Brands pay the dispensary to get access to the dispensaries customer base, which has proven to yield huge sales for both the brand and the dispensary.

Not only that, but Brand by springbig also allows the brands and dispensaries to leverage customer data and target specific customers segments. So for example, if a brand believes that the product it is marketing would do best if marketed to customers 30 years of age or older, the marketing campaign could be set to target that segment of the dispensary’s customers. This feature alone brings cannabis product marketing and cannabis brand marketing as a whole to a new level.


Clearly, leveraging customer data and automating your personalized marketing will be essential to running and maintaining a successful personalized marketing strategy. While it poses many benefits, personalized marketing can be hard to set up. Luckily, springbig can help you there. With our autoconnects feature and our digital ad network Brand by springbig, personalized marketing has never been easier.

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