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At the risk of stating the obvious- the main purpose of marketing your dispensary is to have an increase in customer awareness and therefore a boost in sales. Other things, like connecting to the community, are an important part of cannabis marketing, but all of it matters most when it is contributing to the growth of your business. So if you’re making the investment to utilize SMS marketing then you probably want to know how to use it to boost your sales, right?

when do you get the best sales to boost from dispensary SMS marketing?

SMS marketing should always be considered a useful aspect of a comprehensive cannabis dispensary marketing strategy. Of course, we have to believe that because we specialize in text marketing. However, there are a number of instances where there is no denying the value of SMS marketing to help maximize your ROI.

Some of the moments when you get the most from SMS marketing including when you’re sending your customers:

Deals and coupons

Holiday promotions and events

Announcements on new products and brands

Personalized messages, including point updates or rewards

Information that helps connect customers with your website or e-commerce engine

In each of these instances, it can be a huge help for cannabis companies to have direct access to the customer in real-time, through the thing that never loses their attention- their cell phone. But why are these points so important for boosting sales?

sending deals and coupons with cannabis texting software

Once upon a time, people had to sift through pages of junk mail, cut out coupons, and keep a stash of newspaper clippings to get a real deal. Now, smart devices let us skip the scissors and access all their deals from a touch screen. With this added convenience comes increased redemption rates.

According to recent research, consumers redeem coupons delivered through SMS 10 times more than from any mother marketing channels. This means you are far more likely to get a return from an SMS marketing campaign than any kind of print or social media promotion.

holiday promotions

Everyone enjoys a good holiday, especially when it means more time off to enjoy the things they can’t do on the clock. Not to mention most holidays will have people gift shopping for loved ones, plus it gives them an excuse to treat themselves. For dispensaries, this can be the perfect opportunity to send SMS marketing messages and boost sales.

Cannabis businesses don’t just benefit from 4/20 or National Dab Day- every holiday is an opportunity to increase your conversions.

For instance:

Back in 2016, Halloween was noted as the third most popular holiday for cannabis sales, according to Green Market Report

Recent research by BDS Analytics states that Labor Day weekend is actually the busiest multi-sales period of the year for cannabis retailers

And there is going to be a ton of competition during those seasonal holidays. So make sure you get right in front of your customers through a delivery system that offers a 98% open rate!

Increasing product and brand awareness

Using SMS and MMS marketing can also help you highlight your inventory. If you start carrying new cannabis products or brands in your dispensary, then an SMS campaign is the perfect way to inform a large and engaged audience.

Often when a retailer gets a new product in, they have to hope someone stops by their store and just happens to see it. You may be able to post signs about products inside your store, but that doesn’t help much with bringing customers into your retail space in the first place. However, with text marketing, you can easily send out updates on new additions to your inventory that can bring people through the door.

Likewise, if you have a back catalog of unsold products to get rid of, you can send out reminders or discounts to try and create more interest in the overstock. Sometimes raising a little awareness goes a long way for boosting sales of products that typically underperform.

sending personalized messages and offers

One proven method for creating both an increase in engagement for your loyalty program and in spending is personalizing your text marketing. In another article, we talk about how 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who provide relevant offers and recommendations, and 80% of customers are more likely to purchase products or services from brands that provide personalized experiences.

Leveraging segmentation options to target specific customer habits is an essential part of the springbig platform, and is a great strategy for improving sales. Find more ways to reach your audience with content that is meaningful to them.

connecting customers to e-commerce

Last but most certainly not least, we want to remind you that SMS marketing can conveniently connect your most loyal customers directly to your e-commerce engine. Want to boost sales? Try sending text messages that drive more traffic to your online shopping experience. With springbig you have the ability to attach a link to your SMS marketing, so they don’t have to google your brand to find your e-commerce site.

With this method, even if a customer doesn’t place an online order, they still have the chance to view your inventory and decide what to purchase during their next visit.

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