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Better SEO equals more revenue

We try to bring our clients the very best customer retention, loyalty, marketing, and compliance solutions in the cannabis industry. But, the solutions we don’t have, we try our hardest to provide through integrations and partnerships. 

Enter Dispense, our newest partner and integration. Like we said we’ve got a whole tool-shed full of solutions built for the cannabis industry, but they won’t be much help to a cannabis dispensary or business that isn’t managed properly.

Luckily, Dispense is here to help cannabis businesses with their management solutions built for the cannabis industry. You can manage, sell, and scale all with Dispense, the digital marketing platform powering many of the country’s top cannabis companies. 

About Dispense 

Dispense is built to make dispensaries better. You can manage, sell, and scale your business, all with the help of Dispense.

On the management side, Dispense has the tools you need to stay organized. Manage your orders by syncing your POS data to eliminate manual data entry and ensure your website is always up-to-date, and keep track of inventory through Dispense’s centralized inventory system that gives you greater visibility into product performance. 

On top of this, Dispense also helps you keep track of order scheduling for pick-up and delivery so you can keep the process running smoothly.

When it comes to selling, Dispense has what cannabis businesses need to not only make the process easy and enjoyable for both you and your customers. With frictionless ordering and checkout, Dispense helps you increase your average order value with tools like customer menus, product suggestions, reviews, and custom lists; and provides a quick and easy buying experience for your customers.

If that wasn’t enough, Dispense is ready to help you build a business that scales, and you can do it all through a single dashboard. Manage orders, pick-ups, and payments, and use analytics to get insight into your top products and customers to help you scale. 

Sound like something that could benefit your business? Just wait till you combine all of this with springbig’s offerings. 

Dispense x Springbig

We’re extremely excited about this integration because of the sheer amount of value that it can bring our clients. This integration will give customers the ability to view AND redeem loyalty points & offers. Additionally, new members are able to opt into loyalty and SMS programs via Dispense.

Together Dispense and Springbig make up nearly everything a dispensary needs to run smoothly, from the front to the back end. On springbig’s side, we’re here to help you with all things customer retention, marketing, and compliance. Combine that with Dispense’s inventory management, menus, analytics, and frictionless ordering, and you’ve got a dispensary that essentially runs itself. 

With the integration, as opposed to having springbig and Dispense as separate platforms, they’ll now be able to work together and complement each other. That means fewer complications and more time to grow your business. 

Make the most out of this partnership and grow. 

It won’t be hard to get value out of this integration. As we said, a partnership like this provides solutions for almost every aspect of running a cannabis business. All you have to do is let springbig handle the back end of things like marketing, customer retention, and compliance, while Dispense handles the front end like ordering, menus, scheduling, and scaling. 

You won’t want to miss out on value like this. It’s not every day that you come across solutions that can essentially run your cannabis business for you. With solutions like this, maybe that trip to the shore isn’t far from reach. 

Interested in learning more about this partnership or our other partnerships and integrations? Then check out our website to learn more!

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