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When it comes to running a business, it’s important that you understand your customers so that you’re able to cater to their exact needs. If you’re unable to understand your customers’ needs you could be investing shelf space and your marketing budget into the wrong products. Understanding your customers is especially important in the cannabis industry where there are a variety of consumption options, flower, concentrates and vape pens, edibles, and topicals. For example, in Washington, a study found that a majority of cannabis sales, 57%, came from flower, whereas in California concentrates took over the market making up 37% of all sales compared to 32% of sales being made up of the flower according to BDS Analytics. That’s not to mention all the different strains, brands, and accessories that come along with category preference. Ensuring that your customers are simply satisfied with their visit goes a long way by itself, one study found that just one bad customer experience could cost a company $50,000 dollars.

Consumer needs and preferences differ from location to location and day to day, so making sure that you have up-to-date data on their preferences is key to fully optimizing your dispensary. But what is the best way to do this? If you’re wanting up-to-date information about the customers visiting your dispensary, then customer surveys offer the most efficient way to learn more about your customers. At springbig we wanted to bring our clients the best in consumer survey software, which is why we’ve partnered with BudTender, a software that makes sending SMS surveys effortless.

What is BudTender?

BudTender is the cannabis industry’s leader in customer experience software. It allows dispensaries to automatically survey customers post-purchase, track feedback in real-time, and make adjustments to better cater to their customers’ needs. The platform provides an intuitive dashboard that allows you to easily see and understand data and helps clients increase operational efficacy with comprehensive reporting.

The surveys are fully customizable to your dispensary so that they can track the KPIs that matter the most to you, and the comprehensive reports that identify customer trends are sent to you weekly. If that’s not enough, they have 24/7 customer support to help you when your dispensary needs it most.

With access to all of this, you’ll be able to understand the key factors that drive customer loyalty, and bring your customers the products and experiences that they want to see at your dispensary.

BudTender x springbig

The integration between BudTender and springbig allows dispensaries to send surveys via text message automatically within 24 hours of a customer purchase. Text messages have proven themselves to be effective, with a 98% open rate and 90% of them being opened within three minutes of them being sent, text messages make for a powerful cannabis marketing tool. A tool like this paired with BudTender’s software ensures that you get the most from your text message marketing campaigns.

Much like our other integrations, this integration allows us to provide our customers with a platform that enables them to do so much more than just automate their text message marketing campaigns. With springbig you can do more, with the ability to set up a referral program, survey your customers, track all of this with real-time data, and more, dispensaries have access to truly all-inclusive CRM software with springbig. But why did we decide to integrate with the leader in customer experience software? Because surveying your customers has proven itself to be extremely beneficial.

The benefits of surveying your customers

Surveying your customers is important. Why? Statistics found by BudTender show that customer experience can have a huge impact on your business. They found that 82% of customers never return after a negative experience, but 72% of customers would return if the problem was solved efficiently. They also found that even just one bad customer experience gone unresolved can cost a company upwards of $50,000 in sales. Talk about a butterfly effect.

While it is important to learn what areas of your business need improvement from the survey, it’s also important to find out what things you’re doing right so you can continue to focus on them. Naturally, the negative surveys will stick out much more than the positive ones, but that doesn’t mean the positive ones don’t matter. They can help you identify strengths in your dispensary’s customer experience so that you can put an emphasis on those things that your customers enjoy.

While clearly sending out consumer satisfaction surveys is important, they won’t be effective if they are not done right. So how do you construct a good survey that helps you learn the most about your customers while also ensuring a good response rate?

Getting the most from your survey

The most important thing in this is making sure that the survey questions are short, concise, and to the point to help ensure that as many surveys as possible are completed. A survey can never be too short as long as it is answering the questions that you need to be answered for your dispensary to improve. The longer the survey gets the less likely you are to receive legitimate responses.

Another tip for creating a good survey that your customers will be motivated to take is to give them the power to have real influence at your dispensary through the survey. Whether it’s by asking them about which product they would like to see more of in stock, or asking them when the best day and time would be to have an event at your dispensary, giving your customers the power to actually influence your dispensary can motivate them to take your survey.

However, you structure your surveys, and regardless of how many responses you receive, having a survey for your customers to complete is a necessary step when it comes to having a consumer experience that is firing on all cylinders. Consumers can change their minds from day to day, so having software that can find trends in their preferences and automatically report those trends to you weekly gives your dispensary a huge competitive advantage.

Interested in this integration but not currently using springbig? Sign up for a demo today to try out our platform and see just how powerful this software can be in the hands of your dispensary!

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