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Ideas for a Spooky Halloween at your Dispensary

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The Halloween season is upon us yet again, meaning the time is now for you to prepare your dispensary for the spooky festivities.

People celebrate Halloween in all sorts of ways. Getting into a Halloween costume, taking the kids to trick-or-treat, visiting haunted houses, watching scary movies, and going to a Halloween party are all fixtures of a successful Halloween night.

Spider, Silhouette, Halloween, InsectYet, increasingly each year, adults have looked to cannabis dispensaries to enhance their Halloween experiences. Whether it is to enhance some scary music or to relax at the haunted house, cannabis has become a welcome feature of Halloween for many who celebrate. But don’t just take our word for it.

According to a data report published by Akerna, a cannabis technology company, Halloween has the fifth largest sales of any day of the year for the legal cannabis market. In 2020, Akerna projected over $100 million in cannabis sales for Halloween, including a roughly 14% increase in recreational sales as compared to the average sales day.

So, how can you take advantage of all this spooky demand and bring the business into your dispensary? This article offers a few ideas for how you can bring the Halloween holiday scares into your dispensary this October.

Halloween Promotions

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There is no better way to draw Halloween foot traffic and boost sales than by offering creative promotions.

You know in advance that on Halloween day (October 31), as well as on the day before Halloween (October 30), there will be an increase in demand for cannabis products. By offering great deals in your dispensary, you can draw the crowd into your dispensary rather than into your competition’s storefront.

Get creative!

Offer a $1 pre-roll with the purchase of certain “spooky strains” (looking at you Zombie Kush, Ghost OG, and Black Widow). Or, offer 10% off for any customer that shows up to your store in their Halloween costume.

Have a Dispensary Halloween Night!

Combine your promotions with an evening dedicated to Halloween festivities. Halloween can be more than just a time to increase your sales. It is also an opportunity to invest in your brand identity and the people who make up the community around you. A Halloween event full of fun activities will boost your brand reputation and community of loyal customers all while those sales go up and up.

So what might you include in your Halloween festivities?

Halloween, Pumpkin, Scary, Spooky, CreepyStock Up on Seasonal Merchandise and Decorations

What’s a Halloween party without a spooky venue? Make sure you get the works to totally deck out your dispensary. Ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, and spider webs…. whatever you have in mind!

Go “Trick-or-Treating” with Halloween Edibles

Spooky snacks are, of course, a must for any Halloween celebration. Halloween-themed edibles are sure to be a hit! (Remember to always be compliant in packaging).

Halloween, Witch, Silhouette, Broomstick, Broom, FlyingHave a Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween costumes are, without a doubt, the most iconic part of the holiday, and throwing an ongoing costume contest is an awesome way to take advantage of all the dress-up energy.

Offer a gift card to the customer wearing the best costume into the dispensary during the week leading up to Halloween. If customers permit, take photos and display them. At the end of the week, contact the winner. Obviously, anyone who dresses up as a cannabis leaf is an instant winner.

Educate on CBD and THC!

Marijuana, Drugs, Cannabis, Drug, Hemp, Leaf, PlantHalloween is full of scares and other sights and sounds that can make people feel all different ways. Depending on exactly what kind of experience a customer is looking for. Some may be looking to amplify their fright, while others may want to relax or laugh.

You can use this as an opportunity for your budtenders to educate your customers. If the psychoactive experience of THC may be overwhelming in a haunted house, for example, teach your customers about what non-THC CBD products can do for them.

The Bottom Line

Whenever a holiday comes around, whether 4/20 or Christmas, dispensaries have a unique opportunity to get creative, festive, and drive their sales. This Halloween, get into the themes and the spirit ” and bring on the customers!

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