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springbig’s Guide to Inclusive Dispensary Marketing Over Valentine’s Day

When it comes to predictable holiday marketing, Valentine’s Day can often be one of the consumer industry’s worst culprits. Cannabis is continuously challenging society’s notion of the average consumer, and dispensary marketing campaigns should reflect this progressive mentality. This year, make Valentine’s Day accessible to all customers, not just the ones in love.

Here are some more inclusive dispensary marketing plans to encourage customer engagement over Valentine’s Day without making the holiday all about chocolates, flowers, and hearts.

Emphasize Relationships Over Romance

Love doesn’t have to be about having a romantic partner anymore. With the rising popularity of Galentine’s Day for best friends, Valentine’s Day for furry companions, and good old self-love, who needs a significant other on Valentine’s day anymore? Offering two-for-one promotions on shareable products, like prerolls, beverages, and edibles, and discounts on pet products, like CBD treats and tinctures, is a smart way to reach customers who are tired of common Valentine’s Day stereotypes.

Dispensaries going down the self-care and self-love marketing route can offer promotions or bonus loyalty rewards for cannabis-infused skincare or beauty items, bath salts, and even sexual wellness products. For customers who want to smoke and unwind over the weekend, be sure to offer enticing deals on flower products and remind them that buying their own flowers is the ultimate form of self-care.

Keep Gender Stereotypes in the Last Decade

Savvy customers have evolved past the archaic gifts that men and women expect over Valentine’s Day, and cannabis consumers are no exception. Relationship dynamics are constantly shifting and asking men to buy women flowers and chocolate is not only outdated but also not applicable for many modern couples. Instead of following common Valentine’s Day tropes, dispensaries can focus on promoting products that create a positive and special shared experience, regardless of gender identity.

Dispensaries trying to reach cannabis-consuming couples can highlight their inventory of higher-end giftable products like vapes, artisan smoking tools, or premium flowers. Cannabis consumption is often determined by very personal preferences. Therefore, cannabis product marketing ideas over Valentine’s Day should put a premium on thoughtfulness and feel valued instead of catering to traditional gender stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream industries.

Make An Event Out of It

For better or for worse, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, which gives dispensaries opportunities to extend the holiday through the weekend and offer extra promotions and in-store activations. Dispensaries can appeal to both single and taken cannabis enthusiasts by hosting a tasting or special event. If fancy cooking stores can offer couples cooking classes, then dispensaries can host private joint-rolling classes or offer customized monogramming with purchase for smoking tools over the weekend. Give customers plenty of notice about in-store promotions and events over SMS. Dispensaries looking to boost their loyalty rewards programs and encourage overall dispensary brand loyalty can offer double points on purchases through the weekend or gifts to customers who spend over a designated amount. A dispensary can be an ideal date location for any cannabis consumer if it provides a unique experience and adds value to their shopping experiences.

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