How 4/20 Became The Cannabis Industry’s Biggest ...

How 4/20 became the cannabis industry’s biggest day Many retail dispensaries lean on loyalty programs to get customers coming back after the banner day. By Andrew Adam Newman Source: Retail Brew April 19, 2024 Like

Tools to run an effective social media marketing campaign
Tools to Run an Effective Social Media Marketing C...

Tools to Run an Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign In an era where social media posts are a powerhouse for brand visibility and consumer engagement, the cannabis industry stands at a unique crossroads. The immense

Best Tips and Tricks to timing your sms campaign
Best Tips and Tricks to timing your SMS Campaigns

Elevate your dispensary's SMS marketing with strategic timing tips from Springbig. Enhance engagement, compliance, and revenue through our proven, targeted messaging strategies tailored for the cannabis industry.

How to increase dispensary sales, a guide to elevate your dispensary.
How to Increase Sales at Your Dispensary

Explore pivotal strategies to elevate your cannabis dispensary: innovative marketing, customer experience enhancement, compliance, and loyalty programs, designed to navigate challenges and boost revenue in a competitive industry. Your guide to thriving in cannabis retail.

working on a marketing plan
The Dos and Don’ts of Cannabis Marketing

The cannabis industry and cannabis culture have been growing non-stop since it began legally in 2012. In 2020, the industry reached new heights, with sales topping out at almost $21.3 billion. That 48% increase in

common mistakes
Common eCommerce Mistakes That are Holding Back Di...

Having a streamlined and user-friendly e-commerce platform is more important than ever this year. Ordering online for pickup or delivery is widely available and even encouraged in every state where cannabis products are legal, and

How Cannabis Retailers Have Successfully Adapted t...

As the pandemic continues to challenge established retail practices and consumer behaviors across the country, dispensaries have adapted exceptionally well to this new normal by strategically leveraging dispensary technology. While several mainstream industries are struggling

2020: The Year of Cannabis eCommerce

COVID-19 Made Dispensary eCommerce Essential to Business When it comes to consumer habits, nothing is more prevalent or lucrative than online shopping. Mainstream marketing studies have shown that 2019 U.S. online retail sales reached approximately