dispensary loyalty programs

turn one time shoppers into repeat customers with a completely customizable, fully POS integrated dispensary customer loyalty program

this type of customer loyalty program does away with the outdated loyalty card system which rewards customers based on visits. Instead, customers earn points for every dollar spent. They can then redeem points for rewards. Loyalty points reward your best customers proportionally based on how much they spend instead of how often they visit.

using the customer data available in the springbig platform dispensaries can create multiple tiers in their loyalty rewards programs based on customer spending habits. Loyalty programs are about increasing customer engagement with your most loyal customers, not rewarding points for disloyalty. By rewarding customer loyalty with discounts, rewards, and offers, you’re guaranteed to increase customer retention.

seamless and easy bi-directional integration with any dispensary technology in the cannabis industry. POS systems, e-commerce, digital kiosks, signage solutions and much more. You never have to worry about missing out on valuable data-driven marketing insights.


Our Awesome Features

we make it easier to create a loyalty rewards experience unique to your brand

fully customizable

Each dispensary has its own unique needs. Whether it's medical or recreational, east coast, west coast, or in between. There is no single cannabis loyalty program that's the right fit for every cannabis dispensary. That's why our dispensary loyalty software allows you to customize every aspect of your dispensary loyalty program to ensure it's as efficient and effective as possible at increasing customer loyalty.

digital rewards wallet

The wallet is our customizable web app where the customer-facing side of your dispensary loyalty program lives. Here customers can access their points, redeem cannabis rewards, and view upcoming offers. The wallet can be fully integrated with your cannabis e-commerce provider allowing customers to order cannabis products directly from the wallet.

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