Advertising Cannabis on Twitter

Twitter’s Policy Update on Cannabis Businesses

Because of strict FTC rules, it’s been slim pickings for cannabis advertisers who want to reach new markets.

Last year, Senator Ben Luján introduced the Secure and Fair Enforcement Advertising Act to allow TV and radio stations to accept cannabis ads. The cannabis industry was hopeful.

However, as of this writing, the act’s status is uncertain.

But most cannabis consumers get a lot of their informational cannabis industry-related content from the Internet, and now there’s a bit of good news for cannabis companies in that area. Cannabis companies now have a new advertising venue: the popular social media platform Twitter.

Twitter: A Pioneer for the Cannabis Industry Ad

The popular social media platform is the first in the United States to allow previously restricted cannabis ads.

Before, the only allowable cannabis advertising content dealt with topical, hemp-derived CBD.

Other social media platforms are still dragging their feet with cannabis advertising. As of now, Reddit only allows topical CBD ads, Google allows only certain topical CBD products, and Meta’s policy is similarly restrictive (and state-specific).

What Cannabis Advertisers Need to Know

That’s not to say that all Twitter advertising rules will now go up in smoke. Cannabis companies must abide by these restrictions when placing Twitter ads:

  • Cannabis companies must be properly licensed
  • They must pass Twitter’s process for verifying cannabis advertisers
  • They must only target jurisdictions where they are legally allowed to operate
  • They must not make false claims regarding the cannabis industry or cannabis products
  • They must not depict cannabis use, and
  • They must practice responsible cannabis marketing and not target users under 21 years of age.

Why did Twitter Decide to Allow Cannabis Ads?

For those of you who are wondering why Twitter did a 180 on its cannabis advertising policy, the social media platform explains that it sees itself as a trendsetter.

Hopefully, other social media platforms will follow its lead and have a similar change of heart.

But in the meantime, it’s time to get busy taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this vast marketing platform.

Advantages of Advertising Cannabis with Twitter

There are many advantages to advertising with this powerful media platform. First of all, it is constantly updated, which gives you the opportunity to reach many new customers.

You can fine-tune your target audience by their interests and demographics.

While there are no guarantees, the platform always offers the possibility of “going viral.” But in any case, it’s a great vehicle for growing a regular following.

Finally, Twitter only bills you when a viewer engages with your ad. An engagement might consist of a website visit or an app download.

What Products Can You Include in Your Cannabis Ads?

According to Twitter’s policy update, in addition to CBD products, cannabis companies may now spread awareness about:

  • THC products
  • Cannabis delivery services, and
  • Cannabis-related events.

A Twitter campaign can offer access to promoted tweets, location-specific campaigns, and even video sponsorships – a powerful suite of tools.

However, the various rules regarding the service and restrictions on allowable content are something of a minefield. For example, you can’t just place an ad purely to drive sales.

And you can’t overtly promote weed consumption.

So if you’re looking to get into Twitter advertising, consider partnering with an experienced cannabis marketing platform like springbig. We can help you advertise your loyalty program in a way that complies with Twitter regulations.

We’ve been navigating the constantly changing landscape of cannabis rules and laws for years.

Leveraging Informational Cannabis-Related Content

It’s important to follow Twitter’s restrictions on false health claims. However, according to one industry bigwig, cannabis is approaching the “mainstream wellness category,” which is one marketing angle.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the platform’s possibilities for engagement. Since Twitter moves so fast, it’s important to keep your feed updated.

To start a cannabis conversation, you might include some of the latest studies on cannabis, polls, or even factoids about the cannabis industry.

Engage Your Customers

One mistake that some companies make on social media is that they prioritize promotion, forgetting to talk and listen to their customers. Yes, customers want to learn more about you, but they also want you to learn more about them.

After all, Twitter is a communication platform – and communication is a two-way street.

So, ask your questions. The more you know about your customers, the more accurately you’ll be able to give them exactly what they want.

Advertising Cannabis on Twitter: A Quick How-To Guide

So, how do you get started advertising your cannabis brand on the weed-friendliest social platform? First, learn about how Twitter treats drug and drug paraphernalia in relation to its cannabis ads policy.

Then, familiarize yourself with Twitter’s country-specific rules for advertising cannabis-related products. In the United States, cannabis advertisers need to keep in mind that they’re still operating in a federally illegal industry, with all the restrictions that this entails.

Cannabis businesses will also want to become deeply familiar with Twitter’s prohibited content for minors policy, as it is quite detailed.

Once you’ve taken all this in. plug in your country or region and time zone, and get started with cannabis advertising on Twitter.

We’ve Got Your Back at springbig

Does all of the above sound complicated?

As you might imagine, springbig has been waiting for this media development. So if you’re looking for a way to integrate Twitter into your loyalty program and text marketing campaigns, we’ve already formulated a strategy for you.

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