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Companies spanning every industry are either feeling the impact of the rapidly evolving global health crisis or adjusting their business models accordingly. Fortunately, cannabis retailers have been categorized as essential businesses by several states and currently have the opportunity to keep their doors open.

Without an exact end date in sight, retailers should adapt their dispensary marketing plans to specifically address the needs and concerns of their repeat customers who are still making trips to the dispensary during these strange times. This means dispensaries should review their existing SMS marketing plans and make sure they are appropriate for all curbside pickup and online ordering scenarios during this unique period in time.

Since people are on their phones more frequently in order to stay connected to the world, this is an ideal time to utilize SMS marketing to thoughtfully engage with customers. Below are four cannabis texting tips dispensaries in all markets should be mindful of during this outbreak:

Send Regular Updates About Safety Policies

People are especially concerned about their health and safety right now, and cannabis businesses must do their part to alleviate customers’ fears. Dispensaries must proactively communicate the measures they are taking to prevent the possible transmission of the virus in their communities. This may include updated policies on store capacity limits, store sanitation, delivery or curbside pickup options, and retail staff health and hygiene.

Remember, just because dispensaries are essential businesses does not necessarily mean customers want to risk leaving their homes to buy their favorite products. Retailers that are transparent about safety measures and convey how much they value the well-being of their customers are more likely to drive dispensary brand loyalty during this period.

Encourage Online Orders

Retailers with an existing e-commerce platform should urge their customers to order online to encourage social distancing practices. Dispensaries can text customers with a link to their online shop and include a discount code or bonus rewards points that can be applied to their first order. Businesses that operate in states that allow delivery should also consider waiving or lowering delivery fees.

To incentivize customers to continue ordering online, dispensaries can send text messages that highlight weekly deals, gifts, or loyalty redemptions that are exclusive to online transactions. This will keep customers engaged and excited about new store offerings while keeping surrounding communities safe.

Offer a Diverse Range of Promotions

Dispensaries must also keep in mind that these are financially uncertain times for many customers. This is the time to make cannabis products as accessible as possible for people who need it the most. Retailers can still offer promotions without hurting their bottom lines by texting out daily product deals or buy one get one deal on a wide selection of low to mid-priced items. Business owners aiming to push cannabis products can utilize this strategy to drive a higher volume of sales.

Dispensaries serving vulnerable populations or essential workers can also take this opportunity to test out special product promotions for anxiety and stress relief. This not only encourages customer engagement but also demonstrates the company’s appreciation for the surrounding community.

Be Mindful of Tone

This can be a considerably stressful time for numerous individuals. Regular customers may be sick, taking care of someone sick, or going through a financially difficult situation. Dispensaries should keep these factors in mind and keep text messages clear, concise, and professional.

Even if texts in the past have been a bit tongue in cheek, there are no guarantee customers will have the same response given the current circumstances. Before hitting send, retailers should ask themselves if the tone of the message is considerate and respectful of all valued customers.

As always, make sure to only text customers that have opted into SMS marketing campaigns and include ways for them to opt-out.

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