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Text message marketing is extremely powerful and has been rapidly growing in popularity in not only the cannabis industry but in other retail industries. Why? Well, that’s what we are here to answer today. What makes text message marketing so powerful? In short, text message marketing is so powerful because it can help you reach many of your dispensary’s goals all at once by acting as not only a form of communication with your customers, but also as a marketing channel, a newsletter, and even a point of leverage if you’re using it in tandem with springbig’s other cannabis marketing tools.

That’s right, not only does text message marketing pose a number of benefits by itself, but springbig can help you take it the extra mile with our suite of cannabis marketing tools including things such as our autoconnects, our compliance solutions that ensure you’re text message marketing strategy is compliant, and even our marketing platforms like springbig’s brands which rely entirely on text message marketing.

So, what are the benefits of text message marketing? Furthermore, what can springbig do to add to these? In this article, we will be talking about all of this and more.

So, let’s dive in a look at what benefits text message marketing has to offer your dispensary.

Benefits of text message marketing

It’s fast

We all know the saying “time is of the essence,” which holds true especially when it comes to marketing. Luckily, text message marketing is as close to instant marketing as it gets, with messages being delivered in seconds.

This makes them useful for sending your customers daily deals, welcome messages, after-purchase messages, and more. All of these messages are time-sensitive, which is why text message marketing is perfect for them.

Just imagine the type of traffic your text message marketing strategy could generate once you master when the best times are to send text messages to your customers. For example, imagine the kind of traffic a well-timed message could generate if sent right after your customers get off of work before memorial day weekend… you’re talking about huge potential.

Customers actually open them

Not only is text message marketing extremely fast and time-sensitive, but your customers will actually see them as opposed to some other forms of marketing.

If you’ve read our other articles, then you’ve probably seen the stat that text message marketing has a 98% open rate, with 90% of those being opened within the first 3 minutes of being sent. For context, according to Mailchimp, the average open rate across all industries for emails is only 21.33%.

This insanely high open rate makes sense when you put it in the context of yourself. Just think about it: if you get a message you’re more than likely going to open it at least so that it no longer shows as unread.

Easily integrates into dispensary operations

Another benefit of springbig text message marketing is that it is directly and integrated into your POS, delivery, digital signage etc… creating an integrated marketing communications strategy.

By integrating with all of these systems you can collect actionable insights into your different customer segments and personas.


Like we said above, text message marketing can not only act as a form of communication between you and your company which makes the company-customer relationship more personal, but it can also act as a newsletter, a marketing channel, and a way to update customers on things such as their point balances.

In doing all of this, text message marketing allows itself to boost its potential to yield extremely impressive ROIs…

Potential for HUGE ROI

In being able to be used for a multitude of things, text message marketing has the potential to boast extremely impressive ROIs for your dispensary.

Especially when paired with springbig’s text message marketing tools like Brands by springbig, text message marketing’s potential is taken to a whole other level. For example, in a soft launch of Brands by springbig, one of our marketing platforms which allows brands to sponsor a dispensary’s text message marketing campaign(s), just one message boasted an ROI of 1,713%. Now that’s BIG.

Benefits of text message marketing with springbig


One of the biggest benefits you’ll get from using text message marketing through springbig is that it is already tied into springbig’s loyalty program.

In fact, the loyalty program is heavily reliant on text message marketing. With the loyalty program, your loyalty members will be able to opt-in, view their rewards balance, receive daily deals, and more all through text message.

Trackable effectiveness

In being integral to springbig’s loyalty program, we knew it would be important to be able to track how effective your text message marketing efforts are, which is why with springbig you’ll be able to see, in real-time, how each of your campaigns are performing and the sales resulting from each.

This way, you’ll be able to perfect your text message marketing strategy to include only the best messages that boast the biggest ROI.

Customer join forms and compliance solutions

Like many things in the cannabis industry, text message marketing comes with a slew of complicated laws and restrictions. But luckily springbig has a solution for that.

With springbig’s customer join forms, you’ll get the double permission needed from your customers to store their data and save their phone number while also obtaining valuable information about them that you can use to send them more targeted ads.

On top of this, springbig’s 360 Solutions will help you stay compliant in other areas of your dispensary’s operations.


Last but certainly not least are springbig’s autoconnects which allow you to not only automate your text message marketing but also allow you to target your text message marketing efforts based on things like customers’ interests, information, and actions.

These autoconnects are what separates springbig’s text message marketing tools from the rest. With these, you’ll never miss a customer at an opportune time because with the autoconnects, you are able to automate messages such as after-visit thank you messages, welcome messages, newsletters, and so much more.

Brands by springbig

Like we mentioned before, Brands by springbig has the potential to give your text message marketing superpowers. With Brands by springbig, brands can send promotional messages to over 25 million consumers who are already active at dispensaries using springbig’s cannabis marketing platform. As the industry’s first digital ad network, cannabis brands can now market directly to consumers via text message.

That means that you get free text message marketing and the brand gets access to valuable customers and is able to build its brand awareness. It’s a win-win.


Text message marketing has a lot to offer and paired with springbig’s library of marketing tools and platforms these offerings are multiplied 10 fold. If you’re interested in seeing how you can set your dispensary up with text message marketing, or how springbig can help take your text message marketing to the next level, then click here.

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