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A titan of the cannabis industry, Marijuana Ventures, recently highlighted springbig’s Loyalty Software in the latest edition of their publication:

Industries of all shapes and sizes can benefit from customer loyalty programs, and cannabis is no different. springbig, a Florida-based loyalty company with clients in the food and retail sectors, has jumped into the marijuana business as well.

“The principles of loyalty are the same across all industries,” says CEO Jeffrey Harris, but adds, “All of the features we’re putting in place are focused on the cannabis industry.”

Harris says the primary differences between cannabis and other loyalty platforms come in the nomenclature, look, feel and the ability to understand the terminology used by marijuana consumers.

“We understand this market and are understanding it better every day,” Harris says.

Through the springbig platform, retail shop owners can stay connected with customers, sending them automated messages of deals, new products or even a “we miss you” win-back campaign for those that have not been to the shop in a while.

“We want to be the dispensary’s partner,” Harris says. “We want to be able to help that retailer drive business.”

springbig offers its services with no monthly fee, but charges based on the number of texts sent out by the shops.

“We’re making our money when they message,” he says.

The company also works with brands, which can sponsor a text to a retailer’s client base (with that shop’s permission of course). In that circumstance, the message would be paid for by the brand and free to the retailer.

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