successful e-commerce and delivery with springbig

Part of the beauty of the 21st century is that technology places any purchase we want to make at the tips of our touch screens. The internet gifted us with a seemingly endless ocean of e-commerce sites, with delivery options that conveniently bring our goodies to our doorstep.

When integrated with targeted digital marketing, those clickable links create a chain-reaction that is far more effective in a thriving online economy. Now, with the cannabis industry merging with this tech landscape it is more important than ever to leverage resources.

Thankfully, springbig offers the leading CRM software specifically designed for the cannabis industry. Our dedicated team and user-friendly platform fully appreciate the significance of having customer relationship management. That is why we offer tools that align with your online marketplace, while also highlighting your most unique features, like delivery options.

how can you leverage springbig with e-commerce?

Because springbig offers such a customizable experience for cannabis retailers, there are a wealth of possibilities for leveraging the platform to improve your e-commerce. Not least of all is the impact on business-to-consumer (b2c) relationships. Even if your business model is not set up to take credit card orders over the internet, it is still important to keep your loyal customers engaging with your online shop. Fortunately, springbig empowers cannabis businesses to use their electronic commerce to its full potential.

sms links

Firstly, the text marketing feature is central to the springbig rewards program software. Our specialty is facilitating an effective SMS messaging resource for dispensaries to connect with their consumers. Therefore, it only makes sense that sending links and promoting your audience to take action through text messages is at the core of leveraging springbig for your e-commerce.

By texting links from a website’s marketplace directly to rewards program members, online retailers are essentially delivering billboards to the people most likely to use their products. You can even drive traffic to the specific e-commerce pages you want to highlight, such as edibles, flower, concentrates, or even a specific brand.

And the best part- springbig offers a built-in link shortener! This way, you don’t have to worry about long URLs that take up space and burn through your text characters. You simply plug in your link, and the springbig platform generates a unique version to include in your promotion.

your springbig wallet

Every dispensary utilizing springbig for cannabis CRM will be given a unique wallet. This is the template for building an entire loyalty and rewards program specifically for your dispensary. Each aspect of the wallet is customizable to fit your brand, including everything from how rewards points are calculated to the design and color of your icons. So when you send those text marketing campaigns, you can also send links directly to your springbig wallet.

One of the most prominent features in the springbig wallet is that oh-so-familiar shopping cart symbol you see almost everywhere online today. This gives your rewards members immediate access to your dispensary’s e-commerce site. springbig is compatible with the most prominent e-commerce providers in the cannabis industry, including:

Needless to say, this lets us provide a constant flow of data from our platform directly into your digital marketplace. Cannabis business owners can even cut out the middle-man by making wallets accessible from their website. So not only can customers check their status through SMS links, but they can also check their cannabis rewards points online.


A crowd-favorite feature through the springbig CRM software is the set-it-and-forget-it style automation options. Instead of constantly trying to come up with excuses to reach out to all of your customers/patients, you can design a series of text campaigns that send on their own whenever you want to inspire a specific action. Using a variety of adjustable parameters, dispensaries can set text marketing that automatically sends to specific audiences. Want to send a text to any customers who haven’t visited your storefront in 7 days? Just create automation to tempt them toward your online store.

The automation aspect leads directly to the next benefit of using springbig to support your e-commerce…


Part of setting up automatic SMS messaging is customizing your audience segmentation. In other words, deciding the “how, when, and why” of your text marketing. The springbig platform allows marijuana merchants to transform individual customer data into targeted marketing strategies. Just segment your audience and run unique campaigns that drive traffic to relevant points on your e-commerce site.

For example: Say you have customers/patients that consistently purchase edibles. With springbig, you can send text message marketing just to those individuals. Furthermore, you can link those messages back to edibles on your e-commerce page. The same could be done for anything from topical lotions to flower and cannabis oil cartridges.

Taking it a step further, you can also incorporate customer spending habits into segmentation. So if your e-commerce knows that certain individuals spend a certain amount each month, you can use that data to map out targeted marketing to those individuals as well. Segmentation includes a variety of categories to focus on, including:

  • Special Interests
  • Spending habits
  • Birthdays
  • Membership history
  • Product preferences

Remember, part of what makes the springbig platform superior to other dispensary loyalty programs is the spend-based reward system. This allows dispensaries to reward those who spend more, and create tier levels for different points and offers that are appropriate for different spenders, making it far more effective than visit-based systems.

online specials

If you like making special offers to your rewards members, that is an easy way to drive more traffic to your online e-commerce. Dispensaries can utilize the springbig CRM software to promote sales and reward specials available online only. You can simply set up a sale that is only available from your online store- then send a link to your rewards members.

Not only does this support your e-commerce, but with online specials, you can heavily promote your delivery option. If your dispensary offers delivery, put that option right out in front of those ordering products online. Or perhaps offer free deliveries for online sales. This could make your customers/patients more aware that it is an available service.


Retailers that use springbig can also solicit reviews through their customer loyalty programs. After a visit, dispensaries can use the software to send a text to customers/patients asking about their experience, with a link back to your e-commerce store to review products or services. Carrying a new brand on your online shop? Send a text to every customer who buys one of those products asking for their experience

This can further improve a dispensary’s business-to-business e-commerce by helping gather data on products with the brands. When merchants report relevant information to their brand partners, they can offer insight into consumer reviews, and also share the promotions they are featuring those products in.

Remember our built-in link shortener! Again, when trying to drive traffic to specific parts of your e-commerce page, you can save time and space.

springbig delivers more with cannabis delivery

Since marijuana delivery services are becoming increasingly relevant to the growing industry, it only makes sense that dispensary owners would want their cannabis CRM to also support that resource. If your dispensary offers delivery services, then you are already ahead of the game when leveraging springbig. For one thing, this loyalty and rewards program allows you to promote your delivery service.

Secondly, you can actually increase the amount spent per transaction if you reward customers in your loyalty program with perks like free delivery with larger purchases. Send a text to rewards members with a higher average spend, include a link to your shop, and offer free delivery for those who spend a certain amount at a certain time.

In cases of dispensaries that utilize an outside delivery service, sprinbig can help with business-to-business (b2b) e-commerce as well.

Get the most out of your customer loyalty program by utilizing CRM software that strengthens your e-commerce instead of getting in the way. Springbig is the best at what we do because we know how important community is in the world of cannabis, both for customers/patients and business owners. We believe in supporting the flourishing cannabis industry with the best possible resource for customer relationship management.

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