Do you have one of those friends that responds to a text notification like one of Pavlov’s dogs? Well, they’re not alone. Texting is the #1 form of mobile communication in the United States today. 99% of texts are opened and 90% of them within the first 3 minutes of being received. But it’s not just family and friends sharing the latest gossip. SMS texting is a valuable business tool — 47% of customers prefer businesses using SMS texting than other messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Texting is quick and simple, therefore it is vital that you keep your dispensary texting. But don’t equate your dispensary texting marketing material with those random texts from out of the blue about a “important news regarding your car insurance”. A dispensary texting offers, coupons, happy birthday messages, and win back messages is a dispensary keeping customers happy and feeling valued — and thus retaining customers. So how do you ensure that your dispensary texting program is on the right track and doesn’t feel like impersonal spam? springbig makes the quick and simple technique of texting efficient and customizable. In the rest of this article, I’ll elaborate on springbig’s revolutionary SMS loyalty marketing platform and show you why dispensary texting is a successful dispensary.

springbig gives your dispensary texting program a personalized vibe

Creating a dispensary texting program might seem easy, but the easiest method doesn’t necessarily equal a quality result. If you were thinking of just sending out generic text blasts to all your customers, let me stop you there. This is impersonal and likely to make your customers feel like just any other customer. If your dispensary texting efforts involve these outdated methods, you may get a reputation as spammers or gain that “soulless corporation” vibe.

So how does springbig solve these issues?

Well, first of all, springbig allows you to fully customize the parameters of your dispensary texting program with our revolutionary smart texting capabilities dubbed Autoconnect. You decide who gets what types of messages and when. You can send “win back” messages to customers who have been inactive. You can send happy birthday messages to those customers who have given your their date of birth. All of this is left up to you. Just set it and forget it, springbig will handle the rest.

In addition, springbig’s software allows for gifs and images to be embedded directly in your texts, adding another level of personalization. This ensures your messages don’t contain multiple boring spammy looking hyperlinks or have that bland corporate look.

springbig transforms dispensary Texting Programs Into valuable market research tools

springbig’s Track software can be used to analyze customer habits and preferences, such as how many people clicked on your offer and/or redeemed it. This allows you to create segments within your dispensary texting customer population for greater targeting. All of this information is easily accessible to you through the springbig Dashboard instantly. In other words, if some of your customers have showed repeated interest in a certain product you can set parameters for your dispensary texting program to send them personalized offers or remind them of sales on those specific products.

springbig takes dispensary texting to the next level with our loyalty rewards program

At springbig we aren’t just offering to upgrade and manage your dispensary texting program — we’re also offering a fully customizable loyalty rewards program. You can choose a points-per-dollar system or a points-per-visit system, it’s your call.

Creating a rewards program gives customers even greater incentive to respond to dispensary texting in order to redeem their rewards. Plus, it aligns with what customers actually want to receive in a text from a business. Research shows that 42% of customers want to receive coupons and promotions. A rewards program also provides you with more detailed market data. For example, if you’re using our points-per-spend program, you can measure how much a customer has spent because of a campaign. And once again, all this information is easily and instantaneously accessible on your springbig Dashboard.

springbig has solved the biggest roadblock regarding efficiency in dispensary texting

Now, you may be thinking a cannabis dispensary texting program will be inefficient due to the inability for cannabis retailers to use “Short-Code Cannon” software for texting due to FCC regulations. Well, I have great news for you! springbig has developed proprietary technology to vastly improve the efficiency of “Long-Code Cannon” software, providing a whopping 95% delivery rate compared to our competition’s 67%.

Ready to get started? Request a demo today and see for yourself how springbig can transform your texting marketing!

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