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turning up the heat on your cannabis CRM

Summer is the best time for fun and relaxation, and what better way to enhance the experience than your favorite cannabis products? So whether you’re going out and getting active, laying out and getting sun, or just staying cool by staying in, your cannabis rewards should be able to keep up. With all the fun in the sun to be had, this is the perfect chance for loyalty programs to turn up the heat.

upgrading your customer relationship management tool

Great customer service from great sales teams can go a long way, but too often businesses will forget the tremendous value that comes from effective customer relationship management. Of course, dispensaries know they need to take good care of people in person, whether you are a recreational retailer or a medical cannabis distributor. However, a lot of merchants in the cannabis business don’t realize it is just as important to address your customer’s needs when they aren’t in the store.

Yet surprisingly, a whopping 44% of all companies focus on acquiring new customers, while only 18% focus on retaining their existing loyal customers. Furthermore, when considering strategies to help cultivate and improve relationships with loyal customers, text message marketing is an extremely important resource to utilize for consumer retention.

The inherent value of customer loyalty is universal, and for cannabis dispensaries, these benefits are only amplified by the nature of the industry. Effective use of a cannabis CRM in any season can help you connect with the people who visit you most, while potentially increasing the dollar spent per visit. Still, there is no time like the summertime to take advantage of cannabis text message marketing.

strategies for summertime dispensary specials

The sunny season offers some especially exciting opportunities to engage with your customers. After all, most people will be looking for a way to catch some good vibes to go with all that good weather. By creating a strategy that offers summertime specials to your rewards program members, your cannabis CRM and loyalty program can turn your dispensary into everyone’s favorite summer hang-out.

So how do you leverage your rewards program in the summer? Here are just a few suggestions for creating a text message marketing strategy that pushes your promotions to the right people at just the right time – the summertime.

While there are plenty of benefits to the warm weather, some days can get a little too hot and your customers only want to be the right kind of baked. Try offering your loyal customers some really chill sales to help them beat the heat. Some retailers can even take advantage of THC-infused pot-sicles or other icy edibles.

  • summer break specials

Summer break for college students can vary, depending on your state. For some, school is out from May to August, while others are out from June to September. Offering cannabis rewards to your loyal student customers is a smart move during these months. You could even use each customer’s special interests to create targeted campaigns relating to their favorite extracurricular activities.

For example, Illinois just approved recreational cannabis along with a growing medicinal market. Soon, dispensaries could send home-run specials to Cubs fans on game day, or reward music lovers stopping by before Lollapalooza!

  • beach bud and pool day promos

If you’re lucky enough to be a coastal dispensary, you can offer summer cannabis specials that turn local beach bums into loyal beach buds. Did you know, according to our partners at Headset, vape pens in California cost 41% more than in Washington! Spread the summer love to your Cali Customers by offering some much-needed discounts on pens.

Even if you’re not close to the shore, the right cannabis loyalty rewards can make a pool party feel like a vacation. Maybe start by promoting some tropical tasting strains. Not to mention cannabis-based topical sunscreen that uses THC and SPF against those UV rays.

  • 4th of July specials

America’s birthday is always a great time to celebrate freedom, and a great way for retailers in the cannabis industry to celebrate is by honoring their relationships with their repeat customers. Help your loyal customers spark some fire(works) for the holiday with sales on star-spangled strains like Red Dragon, White Widow, and Blue Dream!

  • BBQ specials

Summertime is also the BBQ season, which means you get to help your customers work up an appetite. This is especially true for Labor Day weekend when everyone takes some extra time to enjoy that last stretch of summer. Besides offering the perfect pre-game pre-roll to any tailgate or cookout, dispensaries can utilize their cannabis CRM to build relationships with their customers by sending text messages on the weekends reminding them to stop in for their favorite party favors.

  • back to school points

On the other hand, some students will want to relax a little before the class starts back up. Considering a lot of cannabis dispensaries have a significant college-aged customer base, this would be a good time to leverage your CRM software and show a little love to this potent demographic. For example, you could offer extra points when customers spend money the week before school.

summer is sweeter with springbig

As the leading CRM in the cannabis industry, springbig believes in helping each unique retailer offer customers a personalized rewards experience that seamlessly integrates with prominent e-commerce providers. The entire sales process is enhanced when a merchant has the power to track each customer’s spending habits, personal interests, and preferred brands to send them text message marketing that actually matters to them. Loyalty is so important in the summer because as people start spending more in the leisure season, you want to nurture that relationship that keeps them spending with you.

That is why summertime can be so much sweeter with springbig, with our loyalty and rewards platform helps dispensaries enhance user experience. That way, whether it’s a holiday pool party or a beachside vacation, your customers know where to go for their summertime supplies.

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