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life, liberty, and the pursuit of cannabis

Freedom is the dream that America was built for. From signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776, to signing new legislation today for cannabis legalization across a growing number of states, the pursuit of liberty has always been at the core of who we are. So this Fourth of July, we can celebrate even more of the freedoms our Founding Fathers cherished.

Now, springbig’s text message marketing campaigns can help your dispensary build relationships with customers during the most patriotic day of the summer.

going green for the red, white, and blue 

No country can say it’s citizens go harder for its independence than the US-of-A, apparent in the number of patriotic promotions and subsequent boost in sales (and hospital visits).

Need proof? Try taking advantage of the leading CRM software in cannabis to see for yourself. That is the best way to go green for red, white, and blue! Create campaigns that drive revenue, and show love for those loyal customers.

With our loyalty rewards platform and the right leverage, you’ll be watching sales keep climbing well past Labor Day. But don’t take our word for it, the numbers speak for themselves.

comparing 7/4 and 4/20

April 20th has become the universally accepted holiday of cannabis consumption commonly known as 4/20. Some even see it as the ‘4th of July’ of the cannabis community, as it is seen as a symbol of pursuing personal freedom. But that isn’t where the comparisons end.

Another way these two days rival each other is for the highest-grossing day of the year, joining New Year’s and St. Patrick’s Day in bringing sharp sales spikes in stores nationwide. To put it in perspective, 4/20 forces retailers to prepare for a minimum doubling of sales

If we applied that same increase in cannabis sales to Independence Day, you could easily carve out a slice of the $6.8 billion spent with marketing campaigns designed specifically for each customer. You’ll thank us for what your unprecedented customer loyalty will do to your bottom lines when Q4 rolls around.

July 4th stats



One of our awesome partners, MJ Freeway analyzed 40% of the cannabis market for July 4th weekend of 2016. If we take a closer look at these numbers, we will find some pretty interesting data you could use to leverage your rewards program:

  • July 1-4 brought in $80.4 million, a 25% spike from June
  • Retailers saw an influx of visits, purchases, and sales
  • Stores in states with few regulatory changes increased sales by 22% from the year before
  • State laws didn’t expand those allowed to smoke, yet foot traffic still increased by 25% from the previous year

4/20 Numbers

Independence Day stats are pretty impressive. Meanwhile, other statistics show that 4/20 typically produces:

  • 10% higher transaction amount
  • 46% more transactions
  • 49% more visitors
  • 51% higher total sales
  • 72% more flower sold (g)

Probably one of the most impressive statistics is that 4/20 generates a sales increase of 111% compared to the surrounding weeks. Compare that to beer sales by 4th of July, which is 33% increase from an average of 2 weeks.

These are some serious numbers! In fact, sales more than doubled in the top 4 American cannabis markets:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Washington

But it wasn’t just on 4/20 that sales skyrocket. The entire month of April brought at least:

  • 15-20% increase in overall sales
  • 150% increase in joints
  • 120% on vape pens
  • 50-60% on microdoses

Pro tip: Reports also show that 7-10 days after holiday promotions, sales tend to get slow. But you can still bring regulars back in by offering additional coupons or bonus points.


If the stats above want to tell us something, it’s that Americans love celebrating the days commemorating their freedom. With the right promotions from your cannabis CRM, massive ROI could be on tap starting with the summer solstice.

When we look at the numbers, we have a few major takeaways. For one, July 4th has massive potential for ROI on holiday text marketing campaigns. Second, 4/20 shows just how big those sales can get when your audience is given the right motivation. Not to mention:

  • Stores that stay open later and 7 days a week including July 4 benefit more- customers start shopping up to 5 days in advance
  • The highest sales day was July 1 ($29.2 million)
  • Fridays are big sales days throughout the year- this year July 4th is on a Thursday.

If you don’t take anything else from the MJ Freeway survey above, the least you can expect is a major increase in foot traffic, sales, and purchases throughout the entire 4th of July weekend. So why not make the most of it?

Imagine being able to generate the same kind of engagement and traffic on Independence Day that most dispensaries see on 4/20. Effective use of your loyalty reward program can make that American Dream a reality.

campaigns to make Uncle Sam proud!

They’ve already got burgers and brats on the grill, beer in the cooler, with some fireworks and sparklers waiting to be launched into orbit. What are they missing? Short answer: More than you think.

Right or left-wing, everyone loves to honor American independence in their own way. 60% of people appreciate non-commercial related messages, while 100% of people like personalized messages offering them discounts for not doing anything (case study still ongoing). Trigger their festive spending with some pot-related patriotism.

In honor of America’s birthday, springbig would like to offer some star-spangled suggestions that we think could leverage your loyalty rewards program. We also recommend some of the following deals:

“Make Uncle Sam proud by saving 20% on these America-themed strains:

  • Spirit of ‘76
  • Liberty haze
  • American dream
  • Danky doodle”

“Show your love for our presidents- past and present- with $20 off an ounce of strains honoring our Commander-in-Chiefs:

  • Presidential OG
  • Obama Kush
  • Trump OG”

“With any purchase of $100 or more, we will throw in a penny ‘red, white and blue’ pre-roll with strains such as:

  • Red Dragon
  • White Widow
  • Blue Kush”

“Don’t want to smoke in front of the kids? Send the frisbee over their heads and sneak some pen rips with 10% off all oil cartridges!”

“Spice up the POTluck with cannabis-infused dishes- you’ll have the whole neighborhood asking for the recipe! Plus, earn 100 extra rewards points when you buy any edibles.”

have fun with it

No matter how you choose to celebrate the Fourth of July with your customers/patients, remember to enjoy it. Have a little fun coming up with engaging campaigns that you feel represent your interests and serve your audience. Remember, you know your customers better than anyone.

Never forget, a good pun goes a long way. Maybe throw in some zingers like “Dank-mocracy Deals” or “Boston THC Party” to liven up your text campaigns. Help your customers see the fun in fWEEDom and add some cool MMS graphics. Not to mention the good Old Glory emoji that you can add to your texts with our new

Whatever you do, our springbig team hopes you have an awesome Independence Day. If you are ready to learn more about driving revenue and building strong customer relationships with the leading cannabis CRM software, request a demo today

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