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Retail businesses have taken a substantial hit during COVID-19 shutdowns, but cannabis retailers in several states have mostly bucked this national trend. This is especially the case in Oregon, where springbig found that dispensary partners have experienced a 40% increase in both total spend and visits and a staggering 86% increase in loyalty reward redemptions compared to their performance before the pandemic.

While some of these increases can be attributed to the period of panic buying before social distancing guidelines were put in place, many retailers are still experiencing considerable demand for their products and services. Oregon dispensaries have ultimately been able to take advantage of the new retail landscape to boost sales and dispensary brand loyalty in these exciting yet challenging times.

Oregon is, fortunately, one of the states that allow delivery for medical and adult-use cannabis products, which means retailers have been able to conveniently and safely provide cannabis products to their consumers with limited interruptions. Many have leveraged dispensary texting to both inform and encourage consumers to order on e-commerce sites. With springbig’s latest brand advertising platform, local brands and retailers have been able to work together to use dispensary texting to develop more targeted cannabis brand marketing campaigns and drive higher ROI and sales.

Oregon’s impressive spike in loyalty redemption rates also demonstrates how retailers have been able to utilize modern dispensary rewards program tools and cannabis product marketing solutions despite the overall decline in brick-and-mortar foot traffic. Although dispensaries have previously relied on in-person experiences to engage with consumers, promote loyalty programs and sell new products, Oregon dispensaries have been able to employ springbig’s latest integrations to provide high-quality digital retail experiences.

One of the most useful and promising tech-driven solutions has been springbig’s recent integration with Dutchie, one of the fastest-growing cannabis e-commerce platforms headquartered in Oregon. Dutchie’s unique integration allows customers with dispensary loyalty accounts to view and redeem their rewards through the app without having to set foot inside a store. This service ultimately increases loyalty redemption rates and boosts long-term dispensary brand loyalty.

Additionally, retailers trying to figure out how to push cannabis products in inventive ways can offer bonus loyalty points on certain product lines and brands. Oregon dispensaries are leading the way in this new age of retail, and those that embrace these new digital solutions will likely have a competitive advantage for the foreseeable future.

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