There are a lot of hoops to jump through and rules to abide by when it comes to running a cannabis dispensary. That’s not to mention all the effort that goes into inventory management, employee management, and customer relations. Remaining compliant in the industry all while ensuring your business processes are running smoothly is a huge task to handle. We know that it can be a lot to juggle, so here at springbig we strive to integrate with only the best dispensary technology that provides the most added value to our customers. Enter GrowFlow, an easy to use software that is built to bring order to your operation and ensure that your business remains compliant with the various laws and regulations within the cannabis industry.

What is GrowFlow?

Los Angeles-based GrowFlow is a customer-driven, B2B SaaS platform providing compliance, inventory management, point of sale, analytics and sales tools for cannabis and hemp businesses at various points in the supply chain. Founded in late 2016, GrowFlow is run by experienced technology founders and executives with management experience from organizations like Google, Microsoft, Expedia, TenCent, and others, and boasts nearly 1,000 customers in 7 states – including some of the largest operations in the world.

GrowFlow’s software is aimed at streamlining your business operations while also ensuring compliance. It offers its clients complete compliance solutions from seed to customer and focuses on bringing order to your cannabis operation so you can spend more time building your business and less time worrying.

GrowFlow was built from the ground up to match the workflows of real-life cannabis businesses and prides itself on allowing its customers to put more effort into growing their businesses and less into everyday operational tasks. Less clicking, less data entry, and less time worrying about compliance means more time spent catering to your customers’ needs and growing your business. To do this, GrowFlow provides organized, visual flows for all activities in your operation making it much easier to train new employees and keep track of things such as customers and inventory.

For cannabis dispensaries, GrowFlow’s point-of-sales helps you perfect the blend of smart buying decisions, inventory management, and a smooth checkout process that is essential to increasing sales and improving customer retention rates.

What makes GrowFlow especially powerful for cannabis retailers is that each retailer receives their own private server. That means no more sharing server space with other companies, which means you get 100% up-time with your server and 100% less time worrying about server issues or crashes. For more information, visit GrowFlow.

Springbig x GrowFlow

The springbig x GrowFlow integration brings tremendous value to our clients by not only allowing them access to first in class business operations and compliance software but by also allowing them access to a new range of customer segments from GrowFlow.

Through this integration, businesses can now process transactions through GrowFlow, making checkouts and inventory management quick and easy. While the transaction is through GrowFlow, customers can still utilize their reward points and whatever is sent to them via springbig’s text message campaigns and autoconnects.

What makes this integration even more powerful is that our clients will now have the ability to sync data across platforms between GrowFlow and springbig, allowing them access to more customer segments that are up-to-date and that can be used to narrow down their target audience for their next text message campaign. For example, through the integration clients have access to certain customer segments that may be eligible for a discount such as senior citizens, veterans, or employees. Clients can also now use easy-to-access data to find things such as their most profitable customers and target those customers specifically through text message campaigns with deals and discounts. By being able to target different segments of customers, you can make sure your messages are reaching exactly the right audience.

CRM Marketing meets operations and compliance

Clearly, this integration will be extremely useful for any business looking to streamline business operations and remain compliant while also increasing their consumer retention rates. In integrating both springbig and GrowFlow, businesses are receiving an all in one package that makes getting customers through the door and keeping their operations running smoothly effortless. That means more time for you to spend growing your business or simply just enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Interested in this integration but not a client of springbig? Check out our website here and try a demo today!

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