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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what could be jollier than a present from your favorite cannabis dispensary? Winter is the season of giving, and this holiday, springbig has made it so much easier to give your dispensary loyalty program members an extra gift with our instant points feature. Customers especially Millenials and Gen Z expect cannabis companies to offer them loyalty rewards just like any other company. After all, what is Christmas without lighting up that tree?

By running seasonal sales and special promotions, you have a chance of staying off the naughty list and under some top-shelf “mistletoe.”

So here are all the ways you can do that in a way that helps you both communicate with customers and get a little creative.

instant cannabis rewards points

First is simple enough, just give all your dispensary loyalty program members points instantly without completing any of the usual necessary actions. These can be redeemed for some of the cannabis industry’s favorite stocking stuffers, not necessarily anything too costly to your bottom line. This gives them a no brainer reason to come back to shop at your dispensary.

Remember this doesn’t have to be an expensive marketing campaign – i.e. you don’t need to award customers a lot of points. It just needs to be enough to incentivize them to come back to the dispensary so they can earn enough additional points to actually redeem them. It’s human nature to not want to let something free go to waste.

This is especially true if you give enough instant points to place the customer right within reach of the next membership tier in your dispensary loyalty program. This will make repeat customers far more likely to spend more to actually move into that next tier.

Think about it, if someone has 0 points and needs 500 to achieve “gold tier” status it seems like an almost impossible task. But if you give them 250 points they are far more likely to come in and spend another 250 to gain “gold” status.

Here’s an example of an MMS marketing campaign you can send promoting instant points:


Imagine the open rate for cannabis marketing texts that are simply offering points that can be redeemed for free cannabis!

use our dispensary text message marketing software to target your ‘nice list’

Remember when your parents tried to bribe you all year by saying that the better you behaved, the more stuff Santa would bring? Well, now it’s time for cannabis businesses to play favorites too!


With the filters available in springbig’s dispensary marketing automation and segmentation platform, you can prioritize your more active dispensary loyalty program members by giving them points in real-time as we explained, targeting behaviors such as:

  • Average spend
  • Total spend
  • Visit recency
  • Visit total

Prioritize your ‘nice list’ i.e. the segments of your customer base that spend and visit the post for the holidays, then run campaigns that offer instant points based on your criteria. You might even decide to run multiple instant point campaigns, which could end up giving some very loyal customers an extra special holiday.

For example, maybe run an SMS messaging campaign rewarding customers who have visited more than 4 times in the last 60 days with 100 instant points. Then, run another that gifts customers with an average spend of $200 with 200 points. If someone qualifies for both, they cash in 300 points which could bring them dashing through the snow to your dispensary. Not to mention, you are also encouraging them to maintain the same spending/visiting habits. An example of the campaign could be:


win-back customers by sending texts to your ‘naughty list’

Good ol’ Kris Kringle was on to something with the whole “naughty or nice list” thing, right? Think of what he could do with the mass text message marketing software. (We’ve been reaching out, but he’s a tough guy to reach this time of year.)

While you might not call them “naughty” per se, the customers who don’t visit your dispensary could end up with a lump of coal instead of a nug of bud. Using instant points as part of a Christmas win-back campaign could get them into your store and back on the nice list while you’re checking it twice.

In the days leading up to Christmas, you could send instant points to anyone who hasn’t visited in a while using the win back auto-connect, alerting them to new products or seasonal sales. Try something like:

like cannabis gift cards for new loyalty members

Most of us know that the bigger your family gets, the more hectic the holidays can be. Like when your sister invites that weirdo she met at some music festival to Christmas and you have no idea what to get him (socks or something?).

For a dispensary, the same is true with a new customer. Because you won’t have a spending history or product preferences it’s harder to send them personalized offers. Thankfully, instant points are like the ever-reliable gift card you can get for that person you have no idea how to shop for.

Setting up temporary automation to give new members instant points as an early Christmas gift is a great way to get them in the Christmas spirit, and into your retail store. Try something like:

You can also take this opportunity to encourage your customers to complete their profile, letting them know it helps you send them the kind of gifts they really want.

don’t forget- points can expire

Noel doesn’t last forever; even Santa Claus is on the clock. So when you send instant points, remember that you have the option to make all rewards points disappear after a certain amount of time without a visit, thanks to the new points expiration feature on the springbig platform.

Use your SMS marketing service to remind your customers that they have only a certain amount of time to use their points, while also giving them a couple of free points to get them there sooner rather than later. Maybe send a yuletide MMS like:


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